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the Pretty Green x Clarks desert boots have a slimmer profile but the toe is fairly square looking down from head height. I have a couple of pairs and they do look slimmer in profile than the Clarks but they aren't pointed. They also aren't cheap but they last for ages.
I bet the cashmere is amazing but wouldn't be the most durable of materials.  I suppose it depends what it's used for and how often. 
that pocket square is lovely, has anyone ever seen one the same but burgundy at all?  or a burgundy one with smaller spots??
very nice, almost Hef-like
nice shoe, but what is the upper?  Looks to be a different material/leather from the pic?  I haven't read every single post so excuse me if someone has already commented what this is.
the jeans just need to be tapered in and the waist band of the top lowered so you don't look like Simon Cowell.  Other than that it's an ok look.
It's a good look but, I would scrunch the pocket square rather than fold in a straight line and as stated before, turn the jeans up, even if it's just slightly.
Alywas room to shop for more squares.   Does anyone know where I can get a burgundy small polka dot pocket square?  I've been searching for one for ages but to no avail.
I would say no to a pocket square for an interview generally.   Also, a casual pocket hanky looks good for a casual look, just scrunched up, not folded.  Folded for smart informal nights can work though.
I bought a shell Horween cordovan strap from here, it arrived very quickly and the strap was perfect.
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