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looking for this aw14 jacket in a size 2 - possibly even a 1 - any leads greatly appreciated!  
shoulder seams are not indicative of how a garment should fit, so don't judge by that. "long and slim" coats are fairly commonplace in the women's collection; yohji isn't all about oversized fits, if you feel comfortable wearing the coat then that's all that matters.   p.s. merry christmas everyone!
yohji selection on ssense now up to 70% discount.
  yyph knit, shirt, trousers; adidas x y's sneakers   (pardon the blurry photo)
30-40% off selected yohji pieces over at hotoveli and ssense if anyone's interested.
^ read the first post in this thread.
yohji x real madrid, anyone?   
^ why not?
upcoming monograph by rizzoli:  
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