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A/W15 pre-orders up on LVR.  
sale over at ssense, seems like most pieces are 50% off.
 updated the list with AW12-SS15 codes, in case anyone needs it. p.s. @Ivwri do update the front page when you're free!
does it even matter whose outfits are more interesting? everyone here relates to yohji in a different manner, and this is reflected in the way his clothes are being worn - whether full-on or mixed in with pieces from other designers.
there's a pair of the ss13 cropped trousers with tassels on y! as well... size 4, 18k bin.
finally found the jacket to complete a suit   
 cropped suit trouser style in size 3 on yahoo right now, 55k yen BIN.
whoever won the aw13 boiler suit on yahoo please let me know if it doesn't work out for you!
ss12 indeed; it's a runway style but was not presented in black.  
New Posts  All Forums: