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  finally found the trousers in my size... ss13 look 14 suit.
  yeah, same thing.
  The suit is listed for sale on SZ in a size 3.
Jacket - J48-100-2 Trousers - P53-100-2
First iteration of the Ramones boot from SS12, in brand new condition. Shoes will not be shipped with the original box, but will include the dust bag.
Possibly one of Rick's best leather jackets - the SS10 Bauhaus in Oiled Calf is without a doubt the best iteration of the jacket ever produced thus far. Worn a handful of times over the past winter, in mint condition. Only point of note is the slight pilling on the rear wool panel (see photo).
  Going to have to argue otherwise:   Rei does not use "expensive" materials in her collections, but that was never what CDG was about to begin with. Does it make her garments any less inferior? I wouldn't think so. No doubt the CDG customer is paying for design and concept rather than garment - I'm assuming you mean fabric quality and overall construction here - but both designers operate in such different directions to allow for any proper direct comparison to be made....
final reductions on Ikkon for fw12 in case anyone might be keen.
  via jak&jil
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