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 i got them, would've passed if i knew you were bidding! wanted the aw14 pair more but the price was just too much.
stock is slightly different, but not by much. personally i'd just go straight to cambon first; both stores are not overly far away from each other. can't quite remember the hours but i'd imagine something along the lines of 11-7pm...
looking for the aw14 adidas zip sneakers (both low- and high-cut versions) in black, size 4... any leads greatly appreciated!
Full suit from SS13 - jacket featured in look 5, matching cropped trousers in look 3 on the runway. Tagged size 1, best fits a true XS or S. Brand new, with tags.
 the trousers are available over at SVMoscow and 4 in case you're still looking.
ss15 front-wrap trousers on y!jp in case anyone's interested...   
ahhhh want the espoir jacket!! what did you get david?!
anyone need a new bag?   
^ if you're referring to the long fabric belt, it was only produced for that season.
was bidding on that suit as well  
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