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letting go of my luc farmer's jacket in grey, size 44.   https://www.gr@iled.com/listings/1276193-Label-Under-Construction-Farmer-s-Jacket
 Altieri debuting a new project at Darklands?
 nothing unethical about it. proprietary policies are only enforced on specific aspects of the business to protect the company, not to screw the customer over. where special orders are concerned, an order is placed specifically for you and it is your liability to fulfil payment when the product is delivered - simple as that. you could argue about the derbies since it was already on the store's order, but there's really no obligation for them to refund you payment on the...
 beautiful piece, isn't it... 
 beautiful - what size did you get?
 did you remember what raf pieces were there? anything from the sterling ruby collab?
 wait for AW16 if you're going to go down that route 
edwina is so good
condition: brand new colour: black size: us 9 / uk 8   sold out worldwide, most sought-after among the three available colours.
season: aw2015 composition: 60% wool, 40% polyester colour: tan size: small condition: like new   produced exclusively for dsm to celebrate stussy's 35th anniversary. limited edition; size small sold out online within minutes. slightly boxy fit.   retailed for $450 + shipping.
New Posts  All Forums: