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I have for consideration a pair of OSB Trail Oxfords in navy CXL, size 7.5E. These are in brand new unworn condition (see pics below). They unfortunately do not fit, hence the reason they're being listed here.   Price is $140 shipped anywhere in the continental US. I am willing to ship elsewhere, but buyer pays additional cost.  PayPal only please.   Thanks for looking.
Suede for a sunny Thursday...  
  This is good news, thanks. I'll reach out to Colin to see if I can get notified as well. I really love this makeup...any of the Alden suede LWBs for that matter. The notion of pre-order didn't seem so bright when I was corresponding with Steve earlier...maybe he's changed his tune?
  I've talked to Leffot a little while back about doing pre-orders, telling them the same thing I posted previously. Steven said he'd consider it, but in the meantime only medium (D) widths will be run for his collaborations. It'd be awesome if he created an email list for interested clients for upcoming Alden collaborations. I'm not sure why it's not practiced by the independent Alden shops more regularly. I know LSW will give you a heads up if you have a decent...
  Saw them last night on their site. I would have pulled the trigger, but they don't offer their collaborations in E width. So many shoes I'd like to have, but can't because no one includes widths in their custom runs unless they offer a pre-order like LSW :(
Just call TSM to be added to their mailing list. They'll add you and will email you the latest list immediately. Other shops have lists for 2nds as well, just not as public or easily acquired.
Suede today in Boston...  
We all know shell's the bee's knees, but let's see some more calf and suede offerings.
I wish they made the Kudu Indys without the commando sole.    
Spring chukkas in tan suede.  
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