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I have for consideration a pair of OSB Trail Oxfords in navy CXL, size 7.5E. These are in brand new unworn condition (see pics below). They unfortunately do not fit, hence the reason they're being listed here.   Price is $140 shipped anywhere in the continental US. I am willing to ship elsewhere, but buyer pays additional cost.  PayPal only please.   Thanks for looking.
Suede for a sunny Thursday...  
I'm not a fan of the chunkier sole, esp for your oxford. I was actually hoping for something like the Cristy but thinner.   Cherry Chromexcel √ Leather welt √ Full Length Horse Leather Insole (an Oak Street first) √ Antiqued Brass Eyelets ? Rawhide Laces √ and what will make these the most badass: ***Vibram 2060 Sole × screams Dr. Martens to me 
Hey George,   I'm noticing something funky with the OSB site. After logging into my account, the Accessories page no longer renders for me...on any OS X browser or Windows browser. I've tested this on a few machines and it's been pretty consistent. You may want to have your dev look into it.
How about a twist in your oxford design...something with a slightly higher vamp w/ 5 eyelets?  The scotchgrain CXL shown above (post #183) is nice, but I'm still partial to the standard finish.
Not sure about 2 tone. It's being played a lot and no longer "different". It's starting to come off as tacky for me. Mixing textures as mentioned above sounds interesting. RL put out a canvas/leather chukka boat shoe that's interesting, but not cheesy. However, that's 1 man's taste/opinion. I'm more for understated tweaks, like a natural CXL camp boot w/ olive or chocolate brown laces and welt. Anyway, it's awesome that you're reaching out to your customer base for ideas.
  Ah yes, you're right...bad oversight by me. For some reason I kept equating them as a US company, since Quabaug up here in MA has been manufacturing them for the US for 50 some years.
For some reason I thought OSB prided itself as a "made in the USA" company. Not that I have anything against foreign goods...it's a world economy after all. But, having the perception (right or wrong) that you're products are 100% made in the USA, thinking about a chinese made sole on one of your shoes doesn't sound right. I think Vibram is the way to go...my $0.02.
I probably got too specific. Essentially, going down 1/2 size and sticking true to your width measurement on the Brannock proved to be the best fit for me.
Just for some Alden sizing comparison, this is what works for me...   Brannock Device: 8E (R), between 7.5-8E (L) Alden Barrie Last: 7E Alden Trubalance Last: depending on the specific boot, 7D-7E (but closer to 7E) Alden Leydon Last: 7.5E Oak Street: 7.5E   I hope that helps a bit for reference.
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