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Hi,  Would you consider an offer of $65 plus shipping?  Thanks C
Hi, Would you consider an offer of $100 dollars for your boots. If you accept please send me the paypal invoice to Thanks Carlos
hi,  $85 for the RW.
Hi Bob,   I would like to buy your jacket. Would you mind to tell me the length of the sleeves and the chest? This will be my first filson so Im not familiar with the fit.   Thank you.   Carlos.
how much is your best price? shipped to San Francisco?
No matter what you wear the boots need some time to break in. After the break in period is all down hill. Put them on half day then wear something else for the rest of the day. You might need a couple of weeks before you can wear them all day long. You can apply some oil to the leather as an other option, is what I do every time I get a new pair.
Hi,    Would you take $80 for them including shipping? Of course I'm not asking you to ship the boots through UPS or Fedex of course the cheapest option at USPS will work.   Thanks  C
Are these available still? PM me please.
Hi,   What size are you in Nike, converse chuck's or other Red Wing? I just trying to figure out if they will fit me.   Thanks
I think we are the same size. I got my Iron Ranger size 10 and they fit just right.
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