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Just got my Park Avenues -- took less than two weeks!   Would definitely buy from again.
This may be a stupid question -- I didn't take the time to sift through the thread -- but does the semi-annual sale apply to online purchases as well?
These better go on sale again this summer! I really want to get myself a pair.
  Lol, fair enough. Just spent some time reading through threads.   Thanks -- the BB ESF ones look promising. After reading through some threads, it seems like people complain that the CT fabric isn't as good as the BB fabric.
I'm looking to upgrade my wardrobe. I'm very skinny... 5-11 and 135-140lbs, thus the slim fit variety are necessary.   What suggestions do you guys have for ≤ $100 dress shirts? BB? Boss?   I've heard the BB shirts are not as slim as advertised.
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