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Dents makes wonderful gloves: http://www.dents.co.uk/
Yeah, its still going- I bought from Haji a few weeks ago. Highly Recommended.
are the SDZ for sale? It says for preorder only on the site.
Loopwheeler and Uniqlo (I'm in the Midwest) I wouldn't mind coming across some of Eternal's non-denim products either. The current collection looks good.
Like it or not, style itself has always been about pretension, image and elitism.
^^^ Off topic, I know, but I've always seen it as more of a chem/physics split than anything, with engineering on the physics side.
A hot wash will solve all your problems
^^^ I agree. Once again, it comes down to individual fit as opposed to what is 'in.'
Eternal, Studio D'Artisan, 45rpm....
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