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drytillyoudie.nl also has them
$115 Shipped
+1 for FH. SC would also be nice... I need a new belt.
These are Sold
Quote: Originally Posted by cocostella xchen - I've been scoping those for a while... How does the sizing run (compared to chucks or ae, etc)? Did you get them from their website? I would size down 1/2 on Bean mocs. I went true to size with mine and they fit fine at first but now they are too big after they have stretched out.
These have been sold.
Are the 101b's selvage?
I'm sure this has been answered before, but I don't want to wade through the entire thread: does anybody know who makes a nice slim-fitting oxford-cloth buttondown?
My Barbour definitely gets more wear than my North Face, but the NF can look all right in casual situations: looser jeans, t-shirt, and sneakers for the NF, slimmer jeans/khakis, button down, and aldens for the Barbour.
I've been moving toward a more trad/preppy/ivy league style myself lately. More chinos and oxford cloth as of late and less denim and hoodies/flannel. However, I've been trying to keep the trad look youthful and a bit unpredictable so that I don't end up looking 20 years older than I am, or worse,like someone trying to dress up.
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