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Anyone know where I can get the black quarter top board shoes in a 44?
I'm a US 11D in the Marlow wingtip. What would my UK Belgrave size be?
^ So would you say the 240 is a half size longer than the 325? 240 sz. 10.5 = 325 sz. 11?
How does the 325 last used for the wingtips fit compared to the 240 last used for the BB Peals? I'm a 10.5E on the 240 (true 11ish). Should I go with a 10.5 or an 11 in the wingtips?
How do the straight legs fit compared to the slim fit or low straight?
I just got a pair of Slim Fits in a 32, and they are too loose in the waist and taper too much below the knee. Will a pair of Low Straights in a 31 work better?
Is is possible to get fully-canvassed Polo suits through the MTM program?
Is a 39mm Explorer going to look too large on 7" wrists?
How do the Slim Fit Rigids fit compared to New Standards?
^ AFAIK you can still get the original standard at APC stores. It's the same fit as the NS but with a higher rise (one more button).
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