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[[SPOILER]] Thanks.
My deadlift is weak off the floor, but once I get the bar to about knee height I have no problem with the lock out. What assistance exercises should I focus on to improve my strength off the floor?
Is it best to eat normally during a deload week or drop cals to compensate for the lighter workload? I've been doing a recomp/slow bulk, so +500 on workout days -500 on rest days.
What are the best bands for pull-aparts? There's a bunch of different ones on Amazon and I don't know what to get.
Hypertrophy. I do BB bench for strength.
When doing DB bench, is it better to follow PL form (arched back, J-shape path) or go flat bench? I do BB bench PL style, if that matters.
Right. Numbers are nice, but they're not my primary concern. I'm more interested in evening out my proportions. My legs are already at ~26" -- I don't want to get much bigger than than until I have the upper body to match.
Thanks GN.
I had to take a few months off from lifting, but back when I was doing fuckarounditis my 1RMs were 265/195/355.I have long arms, so bad bench/good DL (comparatively).
Hey rhet brahs, who can aware me on beginner programs? No need to recommend SS. I already suffer from big legs/skinny arms, don't want to make it worse. I was thinking about doing the AllPro routine: It seems pretty balanced and easy to implement. But is there any benefit to doing IA SPBR or push/pull/legs instead? Basically I'm looking to add some upper body mass in the short term and get aesthetic in the...
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