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Thanks. I've been doing Pendlay BB rows and rack pulls to build my upper back. They've helped a lot, but I still don't have a solid "shelf" for low bar squatting. I'll probably give the wraps a try until my back catches up.
I lost upper back tightness while squatting last night. The bar slipped down a few inches and bent my wrists back. They're pretty sore this morning. Would wrist wraps help me keep a straight wrist position / tighter set-up?
I got the Explorer as a gift, so selling it is out of the question. But yeah, the Sub Date is probably a better Onewatch than the Explorer.Thanks. I know people love the SD4000, but it's not really for me.Nice pics. I think the Submariner still looks the best, but I'm worried it's redundant in light of my Explorer I.I recently tried on the white-face Explorer II. I liked it, but I know if I get it I'll still want a Sub of some kind in the future.
I have a 39mm Explorer I and I'm looking to pick up a Sub. I'm trying to decide between the date and no-date versions. Any thoughts? I like the symmetry of the no-date, but it would be nice to have a watch with a date function since my Explorer is dateless.
Any sizing advice on the Heschung Mustang mocs? I'm a TTS 11D / 10.5D Barrie.
^ thanks
Is there any way to place a US order from the UK webshop? I'm not seeing a US shipping option at checkout.
Does this have tubular construction or seams down the sides? Thanks.
I'm thinking about doing a mini-cut the rest of the summer. Probably drop a half pound per week until the end of Sept. and then start slow bulking. What are some good macros to shoot for? I'm planning on cycling carbs and maybe doing LG 16/8.
Does anyone currently have a lined CXL chukka in stock? I know J Gilbert did a plaza version a while back.
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