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I'm thinking about doing a mini-cut the rest of the summer. Probably drop a half pound per week until the end of Sept. and then start slow bulking. What are some good macros to shoot for? I'm planning on cycling carbs and maybe doing LG 16/8.
Does anyone currently have a lined CXL chukka in stock? I know J Gilbert did a plaza version a while back.
Great. Thanks for the explanation.
Thanks. Is the 10.5E going to be wider than the 11D?
Any thoughts on this in light of the recent tassel sizing discussion?
I'm looking to pick up some tassels, and I'm trying to figure out the best size to get. I wear a 10.5D Barrie last; 10.5E Van last; 11D in RL Marlow wingtips. Would a10.5E or 11D be best for Aberdeen last tassels?
When are you planning to restock the SC 1947 jeans?
I tried on a pair of cordovan LHS today in my Barrie size. They fit well everywhere except the instep, which was tight. Will the instep stretch/ease with wear or should I try a different size?
Thanks, this looks great. I need to incorporate more rear delt work
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