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KB swings?
Thoughts on S4 vs. E90 335xi for a daily driver? The HP and better snow performance of the S4 would be nice (I live in MN), but I'm not sure if it's worth the extra cash. Are there any reliability issues with either that I need to look out for? I would get the N55 engine if I went with the 335xi.
[[SPOILER]] Thanks.
My deadlift is weak off the floor, but once I get the bar to about knee height I have no problem with the lock out. What assistance exercises should I focus on to improve my strength off the floor?
Is it best to eat normally during a deload week or drop cals to compensate for the lighter workload? I've been doing a recomp/slow bulk, so +500 on workout days -500 on rest days.
What are the best bands for pull-aparts? There's a bunch of different ones on Amazon and I don't know what to get.
Hypertrophy. I do BB bench for strength.
When doing DB bench, is it better to follow PL form (arched back, J-shape path) or go flat bench? I do BB bench PL style, if that matters.
Right. Numbers are nice, but they're not my primary concern. I'm more interested in evening out my proportions. My legs are already at ~26" -- I don't want to get much bigger than than until I have the upper body to match.
Thanks GN.
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