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^ That's definitely part of my long term plan, but I don't want to hit my back until it fully heals. I let the bar drift forward at the start of my pull and I rounded my lower back trying to complete the rep. Should have dropped the bar.
I tweaked my back deadlifting last week. I've been running 5/3/1, but I want to do some BB upper body stuff for a few weeks to give the back a rest. Should I just do a chest/tris/shoulders, back/bis/abs split or is there something better?
Thanks. I've been doing Pendlay BB rows and rack pulls to build my upper back. They've helped a lot, but I still don't have a solid "shelf" for low bar squatting. I'll probably give the wraps a try until my back catches up.
I lost upper back tightness while squatting last night. The bar slipped down a few inches and bent my wrists back. They're pretty sore this morning. Would wrist wraps help me keep a straight wrist position / tighter set-up?
I got the Explorer as a gift, so selling it is out of the question. But yeah, the Sub Date is probably a better Onewatch than the Explorer.Thanks. I know people love the SD4000, but it's not really for me.Nice pics. I think the Submariner still looks the best, but I'm worried it's redundant in light of my Explorer I.I recently tried on the white-face Explorer II. I liked it, but I know if I get it I'll still want a Sub of some kind in the future.
I have a 39mm Explorer I and I'm looking to pick up a Sub. I'm trying to decide between the date and no-date versions. Any thoughts? I like the symmetry of the no-date, but it would be nice to have a watch with a date function since my Explorer is dateless.
Any sizing advice on the Heschung Mustang mocs? I'm a TTS 11D / 10.5D Barrie.
^ thanks
Is there any way to place a US order from the UK webshop? I'm not seeing a US shipping option at checkout.
Does this have tubular construction or seams down the sides? Thanks.
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