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Do those Jamieson shetlands have side seams?
Who makes sweaters with no side seams? The Margaret Howell saddle sweaters don't have seams, but they're pretty heavy weight. I'd like something lighter.
Has anyone posted fit pics of the black linen Geller field jacket?
Does anyone do specific forearm work? My bis/tris are finally looking good, but my forearms look tiny in comparison.
Anyone have pics of the Geller chambray in the wild?
Are there currently any preorder lists for cigar PTBs?
^ thanks. I was thinking online
Has anyone other than Mr. Porter and the webstore gotten spring stuff in?
^ That's definitely part of my long term plan, but I don't want to hit my back until it fully heals. I let the bar drift forward at the start of my pull and I rounded my lower back trying to complete the rep. Should have dropped the bar.
I tweaked my back deadlifting last week. I've been running 5/3/1, but I want to do some BB upper body stuff for a few weeks to give the back a rest. Should I just do a chest/tris/shoulders, back/bis/abs split or is there something better?
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