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Hi Guys,   Anyone has any pictures of their actual suits? The prices seem very reasonable for custom made, but what if there are any adjustments that need to made?
Anyone have any idea how much that classic Louis Vuitton belt costs? one with LV at the buckle? Thanks in advance!
I doubt Gosling would wear J crew, but that looks sick I want one!  
gentlemen please relax... I don't mean to start arguments and rage up here.I will get the photos up and you can take a look. I just spoke to my brother and it wasn't WW chans he tried, it was a guy called "Punjab House" or "Apsley tailors" Anyways i will get his suit photos up here soon. Thanks
definately Hanks!
They have 3 official Zegna style books that they showed me from what i remember. Go to their website their style gallery is made up of zegna models. I asked the gentlemen to get me a contemporary fit. He explained while flipping through the style book that the modern cut means shorter jackets, a bell shaped curve, and narrow bottom pants. He said that theyl have me try on a half finished suit before they finish it, so i can make changes on the spot. - that idea went...
WW Chan is extremely expensive.. my brother had a suit made from them, it was fabulous but really nothing that different from my suit..
whats it made of? cashmere?
wow that looks sharp!!!
Depends on what you want to buy?
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