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Favorite FBT sole? (Comfort & Design) - Prime - Bearfoot  - Corduroy/Geo Patchwork/Sashiko/etc.  - Lhamo   I love the design of the Lhamo soles, but comfort is minimal, feel best when worn without socks.  The soles on the (corduroy, geo) are my favorite in terms of comfort but not design, too chunky in comparison to Lhamo.  Have yet to try both the prime and bearfoot versions, but am a huge fan of the pizi folks.    Does anyone have experience with bearfoot FBT?...
    Supreme Small Box Logo Hoodie Visvim Minie Hunting Jacket LL Bean Trousers Doc Marten's 6 inch Boot
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Looking for a size US8 Laramie, preferably the dot version but I'll consider the other colorways
Hello!    I'm on the hunt for a noragi (size 3 or 4) in either of these colorways: damaged, light brown, olive chino    As for the mies coat (size 2) in either indigo or burgundy 
Looking for a Mies coat in size 2 and a Noragi in size 3!  Take my money!!! :) 
I have an olive classic bedale size 30 brand new, looking to size up and trade my 30 for either a 32 or 34, if anyone would like to trade I can do a meet up in NYC, PM me! 
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