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    Supreme Small Box Logo Hoodie Visvim Minie Hunting Jacket LL Bean Trousers Doc Marten's 6 inch Boot
sorry, please delete
Looking for a size US8 Laramie, preferably the dot version but I'll consider the other colorways
Hello!    I'm on the hunt for a noragi (size 3 or 4) in either of these colorways: damaged, light brown, olive chino    As for the mies coat (size 2) in either indigo or burgundy 
Looking for a Mies coat in size 2 and a Noragi in size 3!  Take my money!!! :) 
I have an olive classic bedale size 30 brand new, looking to size up and trade my 30 for either a 32 or 34, if anyone would like to trade I can do a meet up in NYC, PM me! 
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