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Wooyoungmi http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wooyoungmi-Insulated-Woolen-Coat-BlancaNegroShop-/171596383984?pt=Men_s_Clothing&hash=item27f3f106f0
Maybe it's time to try J Crew?
Sounds like you want something from Northampton. Take a look at Trickers, Loake, Alfred Sargent, Church's etc. offerings on a dainite sole, which should be slim enough for office wear while still handling most weather, in your choice on plain, captoe and wingtip.
That would fit like a 42-44. I had one in a 48 or 50 and couldn't even get it on.
Sorry can't hear you.
It's the culmination of all things mecha-shonen.
You could google "best anime list" and get crackin.Otherwise,Cowboy BebopMushishiEverything Satoshi KonEverything MiyazakiI would watch another mecha anime before Eva, otherwise you'll miss a lot of what it's doing with tropes. Gundam for the fundamemtals, or Gurren Lagann for the genre's pinnacle.
Because lol.
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