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You shouldn't need the physical slip. Write the tracking number, date attempted, your name and address on a piece of paper, and give that to them with your ID. I've also seen people just show them the tracking info on a cellphone.
Fanny pack.
Speaking of CCP, anyone here grab those articulated boots that ended on y! this morning?
Assuming you didn't rip the leather, I'd imagine any tailor/leather/bag repair place should be able to take care of that. They basically just have to press the 2 parts of the snap together.
 What do you find difficult about it? Seems like it would fit in just fine if your wardrobe falls into that minimal Raf/Jil/HL and even Yohji aesthetic.
Cheap Monday?
Orange leather. YOLO.
Screw that guy. Go to y! and get more mihara knits than you'll know what to do...
GiTS Arise has had me wanting a red leather.
That's Kanye's knockoff.  
New Posts  All Forums: