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Nothing wrong with used. $300 and some patience can net you a really nice jacket.
Moby Dick is excellent literature and a terrible book. In the class in college I had to read it for, I enjoyed writing an essay about a single paragraph more than actually reading said paragraph.
It's not the ads themselves that are fascinating; it's how advertisers are collecting implementing data. You see an ad for a pair of jeans, but that ad is also telling you that some company recorded that you searched for a specific pair of jeans at 10:58 on 10/19 and are now using that single data point to sell you stuff.I mean, I still have adblock because it creeps me out, but it seeing those targeted ads is a chilling reminder that skynet is watching you.
All the deer leather I've handled has been like lamb on steroids. Soft, stretchy, but still strong. I guess you could liken it to grainy kangaroo.
Why not take 3 seconds to get the measurements from Mr. Porter?
That first guy's gotta be like 5'2"... But the materials and construction are super nice on them. Can't say I've come across any fashion jackets that feel nearly as robust.  Thing weighs like 10 pounds.
"How many fashionistas does it take to work a hand truck?"
I don't look for Chalayan too often, but I don't recall ever seeing a piece go for more than like $150.
Prada. Their regular sizing is often fairly wide and some styles that make up to a EEE.
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