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Nudie Grim Tim?
Those look like adidas copies to me? GATs have a toe panel.
Pilati or Ford (black squares on the label). If I remember right, the content tag sometimes has a year on it.
I have an older (ss05?) LV trench coat in pearlescent silver. Metallic stuff is fun.
CP Company Urban Protection Coat with a bunch of removable things.  [[SPOILER]]
Maybe he's vermin supreme and looking to get into fashunz.
Yeah, that's moleskin. Sideways fabric label means it's from the be late 90s.
FJ has been okay for me during business hours. They usually process an order in about an hour or two, but if you miss them, you'll be waiting until the next day. And you have no hope on weekends.
Would he know if he wasn't?
I think there's an SZ editorial that fits the bill...
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