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 Ah, gotcha. In that case, it depends on the pants and general aesthetic.Very generally, and there's a million counter examples that could be made,Cuffs are more "traditional" and add weight visually and physically, so wear with chunky footwear, heavy fabrics, traditional/heritage uppers. Stacks emphasize proportions or texture depending on if you're wearing wide (the former) or slim (the latter) pants. I'll assume you're not wearing street sweepers, so wear with uppers...
Basically, Cuffed= fold of fabric at the hem Cropped= short inseam Stacked= long inseam
I guess like 20? I need to have a spectrum of "how Blade Runner do I want to be?" for every season.   Short: Jil mesh MA-1 Helmut Bondage MA-1 YSL fur lined leather MA-1 Raf techno tweed cropped jacket Raf panelled cropped jacket Raf parachute jacket Prada padded "blazer"   Leather: Tim Hamilton high collar leather Vuitton leather anorak Old Valentino leather moto Costume National leather shirt/jacket   Long: Helmut long moto coat Helmut faux leather...
He's probably refering to the waxy looking finish on the prorsum, which you do see on a lot of lower quality leathers.Every prorsum piece I've owned or handled has been top notch, so if you like the look more, go for it. Even if you don't know what 'quality' is, it's probably there in spades.
They have him under "KRISVANASSCHE" now.
http://www.tillmannlauterbach.com/ss-15.html   Looks like Damir doing Lanvin/Prorsum.
Those Raf pants are best for a 46
If  you're looking for something more traditional, LL Bean is the best bang for your buck-- can't beat a lifetime warranty.
@snowmanxl Like clambake said, it depends on the fabric.  From what I've seen Zegna wools range from about $40-300/yrd, with the tropical and high supers being the high end of the spectrum.
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