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Raf has had a couple designs over the years where he just changed the fabric. Off the top of my head, I have the fw08 version of that fw09 suit sipang is selling in a different fabric, and I think he put out an arm pocket moto jacket for ss05-07ish and a raf by raf version.At any rate, it's an awfully obscure piece to fake.And since we're on the subject, are the "Archives" label pieces stuff that they had in the official archives and slapped an extra label on and put them...
Isn't that the one that was on ebay for like a year?
The blue text at the bottom of his post. Fromjapan is really easy and have gotten better about responding to messages, highly recommend, especially if you are buying multiple items because they'll hold things for 30 days.
This exchange rate. 
Long coats 4 lyfe. Basically wearing this today (minus the fur).   Thank you based winter.
They are. They've been hyped (couldn't tell you how that started), so they've become a selling point to the point that even complex picked up on it.
@nahneun off the top of my head, check CKC, Jil, D&G (trust- their slim shirts are great and can be had for cheap)
Went a little overboard...   HL     Baby's first Schneider.     Some random ebay find.
Someone get this Margiela coat   http://www.ebay.com/itm/MAISON-MARTIN-MARGIELA-Silver-Trench-Coat-SIZE-50-IT-Metallic-S-S-13-New-w-Tag/141466615107  
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