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That VB bomber in corduroy sz 50 http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g143312207
Could you do a general size for everything like what they have on yoox and grailed? ie: Select M to cover everything sized M, 48, 3, 9-10, etc. based on the category.   That would make searching a lot easier, since you wouldn't have to apply multiple size filters when searching through a given category.
Butterflysoulfire sounds like the worst limit break.
You're a bold man for wearing that when you go downisland, what  with all the dust in the air.
You should be alright.  I'm 6'1, 150-155 and took a 38 when I worked there. The "skinny fit" you might have to upsize on depending on your build.   For future reference, questions like this should go in the quick questions thread.
Wear a sweater-vest under it like an academic Superman.
Space Dandy.He wears Saint Laurent.
She's "fluid".
Not sure if serious not sure if serious.
Worse is when they end up on endyma at a quadruple markup.
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