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Cheap Monday?
Orange leather. YOLO.
Screw that guy. Go to y! and get more mihara knits than you'll know what to do...
GiTS Arise has had me wanting a red leather.
That's Kanye's knockoff.  
Double face doesn't necessarily mean the garment is reversible, just that both sides of the fabric are the "outside" (has to do with the weaving; take a non double faced fabric and one side is warp over weft, while the other side is weft over warp).   "Double-faced fabrics are a form of double cloth made of one warp and two sets of wefts, or (less often) two warps and one weft. These fabrics have two right sides or faces and no wrong side, and include most blankets,...
How do you feel about Buckminster Fuller?
2009 onward should have a code on the care tag. Eg: 2012 2009 2008 and earlier is indecipherable as far as I know.
Just get on the 7 train. 80% of New York's Chinese population is in Queens.
The worst is all these posers using velcro. Who do you think you are, Buzz Aldrin?
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