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Neuromancer if you want sci-fi.Pattern Recognition of you want something more contemporary.
 But it would be a great place to get content for a Choose Your Own ToJ Adventure story.
The ToJ thread's my new favorite crime novel. Can not wait for the exciting conclusion.
Lee Roach Spring 2013 had all sorts of futuristic/minimalistic/clean denim. Not much volume though. http://nowfashion.com/lee-roach-menswear-spring-summer-2013-london-2145  
Helmut     Branquinho
@kindofyoung   about $100? http://page11.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/n149275684
Technically a 9.5E, but usually just go for a 10 to make things easier.
A quick search didn't return anything definitive, so do CCP boots work for wide (E on a brannock) feet with high insteps?
@Abraxis  What does USPS tracking say?
Nice nn. And what's the dress? I spy pockets.
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