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Pretty sure that one's post-Lang (every OG I've ever seen has the tag on the other side).
This is mine (had to relist because eBay wouldn't let me add measurements, so new listing is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Helmut-Lang-FW2001-Leather-Collar-Wool-Peacoat-46-/171662500901?), so if anyone here wants/wins it, I'll give a 20% SF discount.
But you're not out to get photographed.
My guess is the warp and weft are two different yarns.
Yeah, Rafs were sneakers to change between high an low top.   Pretty sure I've seen some with a decorative zipper around the welt-- Marc Jacobs or Mcqueen or something along those lines.
@docdocgs see how the seams don't connect? They just terminate in a "dead end".
So that's basically a semi-raglan with a dart?
Pitti FW '16
@Synthese et al - is the rampant bear growth part of a new installation? Perhaps a Ursidaean usurpation of The Wall?
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