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Eastern Europe.
@conceptual 4est I recall one of my marketing professors saying something along the lines of AT&T makes people with the unlimited plan pay full retail for their phones to either recoup some of the losses from the plan or "convince" them to drop the plan.
 You should use the remastered cover image where you can actually see the muffin.Have you checked on etsy?
Needed a new bag= [[SPOILER]]
I thought this Vogue article offered a good (and succinct) perspective on the difference between fast fashion copies vs high fashion "inspiration" http://www.vogue.co.uk/news/2014/07/28/olivier-rousteing-on-zara-copies-and-rihanna-the-new-naomi
I don't know, but cheese goo is delicious.    Aesthetically, he's not. But fast-fashion companies are selling an aesthetic-- if you want to look Trend X, stop by Zara/TopShop/H&M and you can.  Why do you think "Get the Look" is in so much ad copy? With the designer there's a bit more quality and a lot more mythos involved as a selling point.
I think the Yakuza have a thumbs for dollars program.
Yeah, and for some products that's effective enough, but a third party editorial can create some additional context that can be just as much a selling point as the product itself, and at the very least, can be more interesting to look at than stock/lookbook photos.
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