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If these were a size 8 I would jump on them in a heartbeat!  Someone pick these up so I can stop looking at them when I do searches!
 What bergs are these?
To piggy back on Mr Clemson's post, I'm trying to decide if I want to keep my 3sixteen Coffee Chromepak or get the plain toe.  Want to help me also?
 I don't think anyone will have any pictures of them being too worn in.  They released a short time ago.  3sixteen and Viberg both said they should wear in similar to the 3sixteen Olive Chromepak though.
Here's the Aged Bark service boot that Viberg posted 
I'm talking about the outsole in particular, not the natural cxl part.
haha good point
 I asked Viberg if they're going to do anything similar today actually and they said they're not.  The closest thing to it is that they're doing the same colors of their recently released italian calf service boots in derbies next.  That's a couple months away though.  There is a beige one that would be the closest to the natural cxl but I don't think it's close enough. Maybe I'll go for that and return them if they don't work out.
 Haha I figured as much which is why I also posted it on the OSB thread. Yea it does, I was drawn to it but the price makes me sway back and forth on getting them or not.  At least I know the 7.5 may fit me.  I originally thought it'd be a long shot but it looks more and more like it will fit if I do go with that. So you think the Alden is worth the price difference?  Since I haven't tried on or worn either I am just going off opinions :-)
I do also but I'm not sure if it's worth almost $180 more. The OSB seems to be darker and more of a red tint than the Alden ones.
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