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Damn I wish these were an 8!
 I emailed Viberg and they said there was a slight delay and now it will be completed mid to late January.
 I think it was as well but I haven't heard anything.
I got it guys. Thanks for clarifying. I'm continuing the conversation with bkotsko via PM as to not soil this thread.
The difference in price was almost $300. Before I ordered I emailed both the international and US store asking if I could get the price on the international site. They said no. I think that also shows a lack in customer service or at least being out of touch with customers when there is such a huge price difference on their two sites but they won't acknowledge the gap. I don't really think it has to do with karma.
I am currently having a terrible experience with Carmina. I bought a pair of previous MTO boots from their International store to have shipped to my friend in Puerto Rico. He was then going to ship them to me in the States. They shipped them around the 45th day. FedEx caught it and said that it was not a deliverable address and ended up sending them back to Carmina. I made sure the address was the exact one that he gave me. He has had stuff shipped to him all the time....
 This gives my Blacked Out Chelsea (number 11) more likely, I think?
The customization discount was only valid for a couple days. You can still customize. You just won't get the discount.
I rival the proposed side zip chelsea from rydenfan with a regular chelsea Chelsea 2050 last Black horsehide roughout/black suede if available Black midsole w/ flat welt GYW construction Dovetail heel Black Leather sole edit @jlchau @Rogerdoger @Broark @Cityplace @Whirling how does that sound?
Like I said, I'm open to either. Whatever's easier for you.
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