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My Natural Shells arrived today    
Mine was supposed to arrive today but I was out of town so they're going to try to redeliver tomorrow.
I did. Should be here Friday.
I have that also but only on my white ones. I'm assuming that the model has now been around for 10 years?
 Caliroots has a discount code for people shipping to the US also.  HELLOUSA takes off 20% Make sure to put it in when you're checking out. I didn't and they wouldn't put it on after or cancel my order so I could place a new one.
I'll PM you right now.
I have one that I'm looking to sell.  It's still brand new.  I just didn't like the color once I got it.
The guy didn't know where you bought them from. It could have been from Viberg or a stockist. I was clarifying his response and answering your question.
The store you bought the shoes from.
Nope same size.  The 2030 has been good to me sometimes and bad other times.  I have one pair that fits well with a full insole, 2 that fit well with half insoles, and 1 that fits well with no insole.  My old boondockers were crushing my toes with no insole.  They just felt short.
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