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I have that also but only on my white ones. I'm assuming that the model has now been around for 10 years?
 Caliroots has a discount code for people shipping to the US also.  HELLOUSA takes off 20% Make sure to put it in when you're checking out. I didn't and they wouldn't put it on after or cancel my order so I could place a new one.
I'll PM you right now.
I have one that I'm looking to sell.  It's still brand new.  I just didn't like the color once I got it.
The guy didn't know where you bought them from. It could have been from Viberg or a stockist. I was clarifying his response and answering your question.
The store you bought the shoes from.
Nope same size.  The 2030 has been good to me sometimes and bad other times.  I have one pair that fits well with a full insole, 2 that fit well with half insoles, and 1 that fits well with no insole.  My old boondockers were crushing my toes with no insole.  They just felt short.
I finally got some 2030 Boondockers that fit from Rivet & Hide during their 15% off discount period.  My old leather soled ones were crushing my toes.  For some reason they were really tight even though they were the same size as all my other 2030s.  
Anyone see the price this guys asking for these? It's pretty ridiculous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 These are beautiful boots.  If Viberg made these available again I'd pay way too much for them.
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