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They're all going up at 12 EST.Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
Awesome, I'll probably hold off then so I'm not spending two grand on boots in a month. 
That makes me feel better about paying for a proxy for the 8. Looking at Johan's pictures of his worn pair that are similar really make me want these also.  I don't know if I want to spend that much on boots though as well the GMTO. 
 I agree with this.  I hate when my pants get caught on the pull tabs.  I tend to not buy boots with them.
I don't think the derby should have a pull tab either.
I'd say 2030 over 1035 also.
I back the the "Sample Inspired" Derby.  With the weather being so hot right now I can't even think about boots haha.
This is from ajchen on reddit.  Important parts are bold for people that are looking for proxies.   Hey everyone - seeing as there is a thread dedicated to this boot release, I wanted to stop in and answer some questions. First off, we will be limiting purchases to the wearer's size. In other words, if you're an 8.5 you're free to buy one pair of any makeup that's available. We are doing this is in the name of fairness, as I'm sure you all can understand that it'd suck...
Were those also sold in stores first?
As am I 
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