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Those are beautiful! Now I want a pair.
Yes I own quite a few. All of the other ones I own are on the 2030 last. They fit similar to the 2030. I wear the same size in both. They do appear to be more narrow in that they taper in more when it gets to the sole though. It's not as apparent in pictures as it is in person.
Took some on foot pictures of the Viberg Chelseas in Snuff Suede. I know some people wanted to see what they look like.    
I can do the same with the snuff suede.
My Natural Shells arrived today    
Mine was supposed to arrive today but I was out of town so they're going to try to redeliver tomorrow.
I did. Should be here Friday.
I have that also but only on my white ones. I'm assuming that the model has now been around for 10 years?
 Caliroots has a discount code for people shipping to the US also.  HELLOUSA takes off 20% Make sure to put it in when you're checking out. I didn't and they wouldn't put it on after or cancel my order so I could place a new one.
I'll PM you right now.
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