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Nope same size.  The 2030 has been good to me sometimes and bad other times.  I have one pair that fits well with a full insole, 2 that fit well with half insoles, and 1 that fits well with no insole.  My old boondockers were crushing my toes with no insole.  They just felt short.
I finally got some 2030 Boondockers that fit from Rivet & Hide during their 15% off discount period.  My old leather soled ones were crushing my toes.  For some reason they were really tight even though they were the same size as all my other 2030s.  
Anyone see the price this guys asking for these? It's pretty ridiculous. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
 These are beautiful boots.  If Viberg made these available again I'd pay way too much for them.
 Thanks!  You think I should stick with the size I got or should I size up/down?
 They're not too long on you?
 I don't think they're too long on me?  I wear an 8D in the Barrie last so I just sized up the width.  Do you think I should try a size smaller?
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I just got these Alden Unlined Chukkas. My pinky toe sticks out a little even though they're wides. Is this normal until they break in or will it always look like this?
Those number 8 shells!  God I want those!
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