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I'd like a black (rough out preferred but smooth is fine) all black chelsea on the 2050 last.
Sorry when I read street boot I thought you were talking about the Chelsea/Side Zips.
I'd like to see the elements decided on also.
I bought the Chelseas form them. Take the Viberg size from Mr. Porter. The size 8 on there is a Viberg size 8 which is a US 9.
I did. Here's an on foot picture of them. 
 I am interested in an all black Chelsea. If it's a side zip then I'm out. I was thinking of doing a suede instead. It's a different asthetic though as Suede in my eyes being more for "city" conditions. If it ends up being Kangaroo I'm still in though.
Has anything solid been proposed for the Chelsea or Side Zip?
 I was curiously interested until you said the lugged danite logger half soles. I think with a Chelsea to keep the profile you'll need a regular dainite or leather outsole.
I agree with your sentiments about a Chelsea and no side zip.
I'm in for a Chelsea boot.
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