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Grabbed a Lee work coat @ the local Goodwill yesterday.
Today I grabbed a US military item that caught my eye. Found an original paper in a pocket when I got home! Appears to have never been worn.
Grabbed a nice jacket @ the local Goodwill Thrift store today. Thought it was a Carhartt work coat. (Available)
Got out to the local GW once the snow stopped falling. Came home w/ an Irv Lewis of Ithaca sweater.  
I came home with a bag yesterday. (Available)
For the first time, I grabbed a pair of dungarees that weren't Levis 501/505. Although stylish, they're not my style. Sized at 30 X 30 (available)
Grabbed 2 ties at the local Savers.
Grabbed a shirt yesterday @ the local GW. Not really my style; so it's available.
Grabbed a pair of casual shoes today @ a local GW Thrift Store. J.M. Weston  model 641 Finally figured out how to upload my iphone pics using iCloud. Here are 2 pics from Saturday AM @ the GW Thrift Store adjacent to the Main Store. Unsure if that thiftshop video was filmed here; if not, could've been. Bins of shoes are wheeled out w/ a security escort! Then all heck breaks out. Shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals are flying from bin to bin as buyers search. Most times...
Picked up 2 NWT shirts @ the local GW yesterday. BB is 15.5 X 34 PINK is 15.5 Slim Fit Traveler Both available for trade.
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