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Got out to the local GW once the snow stopped falling. Came home w/ an Irv Lewis of Ithaca sweater.  
I came home with a bag yesterday. (Available)
For the first time, I grabbed a pair of dungarees that weren't Levis 501/505. Although stylish, they're not my style. Sized at 30 X 30 (available)
Grabbed 2 ties at the local Savers.
Grabbed a shirt yesterday @ the local GW. Not really my style; so it's available.
Grabbed a pair of casual shoes today @ a local GW Thrift Store. J.M. Weston  model 641 Finally figured out how to upload my iphone pics using iCloud. Here are 2 pics from Saturday AM @ the GW Thrift Store adjacent to the Main Store. Unsure if that thiftshop video was filmed here; if not, could've been. Bins of shoes are wheeled out w/ a security escort! Then all heck breaks out. Shoes, boots, sneakers and sandals are flying from bin to bin as buyers search. Most times...
Picked up 2 NWT shirts @ the local GW yesterday. BB is 15.5 X 34 PINK is 15.5 Slim Fit Traveler Both available for trade.
Grabbed a pair of shoes yesterday, that for once, are my size. (N/A) Any idea who made them? Just wondering. Thanks.
Another Hermes authentication request, please.
Grabbed another blue blazer today. It was the buttons that caught my eye at first. Morry Luxenberg N.Y. made in England (WWII era) Never thought I'd see this though. Those buttons must've had special meaning to original owner.  Measurements suggest between size 38-40 Short (Available)
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