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the thread on here from 2004 (yes, 2004) had a post from someone who owned one and said it was fully canvassed. They said it was same quality, just a more modern style. Don't know if that was true and even if it was, perhaps it has changed by now.
Anyone know much about Canali Proposta? Is it similar quality to Z Zegna or better/worse? I can't find much information about it on the net and the only posts on here are 8+ years old.
    Great, now you gave me something else to worry about lol
Leaving grammar aside (hope I phrased that correctly), any thoughts on the damage kneeling in a pew for 15 minutes at a time could do to my pants? I realize this is ridiculous, but I do like to wear my nice stuff on special occasions but if it will destroy the garment I will sub for something more sturdy.   Regarding the argument of whether it is necessary to "dress up" for church, obviously it is not. However, I think you can express a level of respect for the...
for Amex members there is a Kiton sale at vente-privee. Suits starting @ $2995, shirts for $225. I would hurry, looks like they are running out of some styles.
I think a 7 day waiting period would prevent the redundent or nnecessary topics you are looking at. A lot of these are "hit-n-run" poster, join, mkae one post and never return.
I agree with the general sentiment that business causal is the standard and you can dress it up a bit more for special ocasions. I am surprized by the reports of  jerseys, cargo sorts, etc... some of you report as normal. I think my church is a bit more conservative than most, but that is extremely rare in my expereince unless it is Saturday evening or Sunday evening Mass. Don't ask me why, but for some reason the wife lets me wear jeans on Saturday night, but not Sunday...
What does everyone feel is the appropriate dress code for a Catholic Mass? I typically wear a suit to the big one's (Christmas, Easter, Sacraments, etc...) and slacks and a button down shirt to the others (sometimes a sports jacket as well). My curiosity stems from my experience this weekend when I attended my nephew's first communion and noticed most of the men wearing sport jackets. I assumed since it was a special ocasion more formality would be required, but maybe...
solid white or light blue. Stuff for work. Maybe we can compramise with convertibles? lol
Do you offer or do you plan to offer the Benjamin shirt's w/ linked or French cuffs? All I see are barrel cuffs
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