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I agree with the general sentiment that business causal is the standard and you can dress it up a bit more for special ocasions. I am surprized by the reports of  jerseys, cargo sorts, etc... some of you report as normal. I think my church is a bit more conservative than most, but that is extremely rare in my expereince unless it is Saturday evening or Sunday evening Mass. Don't ask me why, but for some reason the wife lets me wear jeans on Saturday night, but not Sunday...
What does everyone feel is the appropriate dress code for a Catholic Mass? I typically wear a suit to the big one's (Christmas, Easter, Sacraments, etc...) and slacks and a button down shirt to the others (sometimes a sports jacket as well). My curiosity stems from my experience this weekend when I attended my nephew's first communion and noticed most of the men wearing sport jackets. I assumed since it was a special ocasion more formality would be required, but maybe...
solid white or light blue. Stuff for work. Maybe we can compramise with convertibles? lol
Do you offer or do you plan to offer the Benjamin shirt's w/ linked or French cuffs? All I see are barrel cuffs
I am having trouble picking out a shirt / tie combo for Easter tomorrow. I will be wearing a taupe suit and want to combine it with a purple tie. I could just wear a white shirt if none of these work, but thought it would be worth trying to spruce things up a bit. Here are my three shirt and two tie options.   The middle shirt has some taupe stripes in the pattern. The top tie is a darker purple. Not the highest quality picture but do your best. Like I said, if...
BB University cut pants are slim, at least that is what I was told. They were too slim for me and I, while not a professional athlete, am by no means obese (5'9 180 lbs 34")
What is the price line you are looking at? I own pants at all price points: $200+ Corneliani, $150+ Ballin, $100 Brooks Brothers, <$100 Perry Ellis, Kenneth Cole and I think my Perry Ellis' fit about as nice as any of them. You may also want to look at Brooks Brothers University cut, starts ~$100 but can be caught on sale for as low as $50.
I don't know why he didn't have it remade, I didn't speak to the owner directly.   Regarding the lining, I don't remember specifically. It was not the canvassing though. This was basically tissue paper in the lapels I believe. I am not a tailor (obviously) so I can't speak too specifically. What I can tell you is my tailor, who has been doing this for 40+ years and knows the owner fo the company, thinks it is a terrible product.
I was at my tailor yesterday here in Columbus, the hometown of Astor and Black. Without getting into too many details because I don't want to out the tailor, this guy worked very closely with the company and its founder.  I asked him what he thought of the quality of product they produce. He went on a 10 minute tirade about how terrible their suits are constructed. He no longer works directly with the company but showed me a receipt for a customer who needed $500 worth...
I have a taupe suit I was intending to wear to a rehearsal dinner in May. A friend of mine told me I couldn't wear that light of a color after dark. Is he right or is taupe dark enough to get away with?
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