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I was in Madrid this summer and tracked down their location but unfortunately they were closed for August (I don't know why this didn't occur to me before I set out for the store). Let me know how it goes, the price point is very competitive for the reported quality.
does capri work for Joseph Abboud, Nordstom Rack, or just have an affinity for the brand? Regardless I tend to agree with him. I like the cut / styling of their line, and they tend to use nicer fabric than other suits in the same price range. I would compare the brand Hugo Boss, which has a much better (probably undeserved) reputation. I am not sure about them being half canvassed though, thought they were all fused.   FWIW, I picked up one of their unconstructed SCs...
When I first got mine they were a bit narrow on the sides, enough that I had buyers remorse. However, after a wearing them a few times and a month in proper shoe trees they are fantastic. Best shoes I own and I am glad I listened to the sales rep.
The employee i worked with sized me perfectly, although I was able to go into the store which obviously helps. I don't know if this is what you were asking. 
Thanks, with the 8% difference it may make more sense to pick them out in the store and then order "online" and pay no vat
Stopped in the store with the wife a couple weeks ago and was very impressed. We were in a hurry so i didn't have time to make a purchase but will be back in Madrid in a few days and intend to work it into my schedule. Should I start with the classic line and upgrade to the lm line if I am satisfied or make the plunge and start with lm? Also, anyone know how they handle vat refunds for non eu residents for in-store purchases? Thanks
http://us.venteprivee.com/rosedeal/content.aspx/deals/10270/1017074   If you have an AMEX card I highly suggest you register for vente-privey. Free to sign up and great deals. Earlier this week they had a Pal Zileri suit sale where you could pay $4-500 for suits. 
what is the relative quality of dress shirts from armani colezioni vs georgio armani? 
Anyone know thye background of this company? What is the quality like? They have some (some) interesting looking ties. I found a thread on askandy which had some positive reviews but i trust this site more.   thanks
Does anyone know what the quality is of lubiam (luigi bianchi mantova) studio suits? Are they as well made as mainline or a diffusion line? Canvassed? Thanks
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