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what is the thought on pleats for a tuxedo? i realize they are not in fashion for suits at this point, but how about a tuxedo?
this is great and deserves to be bumped
i think u flipped one to me lol
is indocino an option at $400?
I lost a tremendous amount of respect for French fashion standards when on my my most recent trip to champ d'elysees I saw a 45 minute line to gain entrance to the Abercombie and Fitch store.
I own a pair of Meermin double Monks and they are awesome. So awesome I intended to slowly build my collection with nothing but Meermin, but it takes so long to receive a pair I am thinking of buying Ferragamo or Testoni instead (at steep discount). How do you think the quality of these brands compare to Meermin? Should I spend $300 on Ferragamo / Testoni I can take home today or ~$200 on Mermins that will take forever? 
for suits, I think the best value is Samuelsohn. You can get a fully canvassed, super 120's suit made in the first world for $1300 retail.
If you chose a dark blue suit and plan to wear a white shirt you have made two conservative choices so you can be more aggresive with your tie. I like a pastel orange or lavender print.
just found this thread and wanted to say PB is one of the most under appreciated brands on this site. Incredible quality. Just goes to show you how much marketing matters.
I was in Madrid this summer and tracked down their location but unfortunately they were closed for August (I don't know why this didn't occur to me before I set out for the store). Let me know how it goes, the price point is very competitive for the reported quality.
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