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Thanks for all of the help guys!
I would think metro would make something along these lines that is still tasteful
  Bingo! Thats exactly what he wants...
Thank you for your responses. My client is getting the white dinner jacket for a summer wedding. He also wants a "fun" jacket to wear after the ceremony when he is dancing at the wedding. I think it is a cool idea, but what the f**k is he looking for? anyone have an idea that wouldn't look completely ridiculous? thanks...
Are there any unique rules which apply to a white evening jacket? 
I have had a lot of luck with two pretty cheap brands, Forsyth of Canada and Eagle. They fit me almost perfectly and can be caught on sale for ~$30. Are they as nice as my Zegna or Canali shirts? Obviously not, but at that price point they do the job and the quality (particularly the forsyth shirts) is much better than Calvin Klein and DKNY. 
  Thanks. So its a matter of personal preference I suppose. I always wear flat front trousers, but when searching for a tuxedo I have been interested in pleats. I think they are a bit more appropriate for formal attire, but I don't have much black tie experience beyond crappy rented tuxedo's for weddings. Am I correct to feel this way, or if should I stick with flat front if I am a smaller guy (5'9" 180)?   Thanks!
what is the thought on pleats for a tuxedo? i realize they are not in fashion for suits at this point, but how about a tuxedo?
this is great and deserves to be bumped
i think u flipped one to me lol
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