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I think To Boot does a nice job for the price point. They are also more stylish / young than AE. Not that AE isn't a nice shoe, it obviously is, but I think their resoling program is overrated. Any cobbler can do the same thing to any goodyear welted shoe for a similar price.
Ted is dressed better than mark whalberg. notch lapels?
jamie fox and john travolta doing their best high schooler at prom impersonation with black shirts
Thank you for the feedback. I agree, but wanted some confirmation.
  I don't want to out myself, but i work for one of Neiman's competitors in the midwest. Why?
Procedurally, what is the difference between A&B's "28 point fit profile" and a MTM program from a more established company like Zegna. Obviously the quality of the Zegna suit will be higher, but would the fit be better on A&B bc they take more measurements or is the exact same and just marketing bs?
Local thrift store gets alterations rejections from Zegna retailer, so essentially brand new but the hem on the pant or sleeve on the jacket was too short, etc.. picked up a pair of navy Zegna trousers for $75. They have a black pair I may go back for.
Maybe this qualifies....What is everyone's opinion of Isaia's aquaspider fabric? Cool concept I guess, but I wonder if the properties which make it water repellant detract from the softness of the fabric. Any thoughts?
I work for a high end retailer everyone here has been to. My job requires me to focus almost entirely on "classic menswear." However, we have seen an increase in african american clients, largely because we sell Gucci, Louis Vitton, Chanel, etc... However, I think the issue is much more complicated than race. It is more about socio-economic culture. Our urban clients who are only interested buying these labels regardless of quality / value are predominantly african...
  If Hell is 3,000 chinese tourists with a laissez faire approach to hygiene crowded around an 8.5 x 11 desperately trying to snap a picture before the tour bus leaves.... then you are spot on. One of the worst experiences of my life, fortunate the wife was equally pissed off and I was allowed to leave lol
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