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I've been where you have been (mens warehouse and Joseph Banks) and am where you are going. My suggestion: Saks off 5th have buy 1 get 1 free rugt now and every suit the have is better than calvin klein. The one i was at yesterday had 2 hickey freeman suits for $700, can't beat that
I missed them in madrid, when will they be back in NYC?
There is Fuck you money, and then there is seriously go fuck yourself money. $91k for a t-shirt? 
Daniel Day Lewis bossing the night, wearing Domenico Vacca. He easily outshines the ass clowns in notch lapels and black shirts. Seth McFarland in Gucci w/ notches... 
I think To Boot does a nice job for the price point. They are also more stylish / young than AE. Not that AE isn't a nice shoe, it obviously is, but I think their resoling program is overrated. Any cobbler can do the same thing to any goodyear welted shoe for a similar price.
Ted is dressed better than mark whalberg. notch lapels?
jamie fox and john travolta doing their best high schooler at prom impersonation with black shirts
Thank you for the feedback. I agree, but wanted some confirmation.
  I don't want to out myself, but i work for one of Neiman's competitors in the midwest. Why?
Procedurally, what is the difference between A&B's "28 point fit profile" and a MTM program from a more established company like Zegna. Obviously the quality of the Zegna suit will be higher, but would the fit be better on A&B bc they take more measurements or is the exact same and just marketing bs?
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