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Boss is a great beater suit. The cut is pretty good, and maybe this is all in my mind, but the lower quality fabric is heavier and holds up to wear and tear better than my nicer, softer fabrics. Of course that could just be in my mind because I am less concerned with tearing the pants lol   BTW, I wish Isaia MTM were a beater suit for me lol Baller!
  My tailor certainly disagrees, however that doen't make him right. From my experience handling both garments (not deconstructing) I wouldn't say the quality even approaches Canali, let alone exceeds it.  I have also met many people who have had negative experiences, sometimes waiting almost a year to receive clothing. Even in Columbus, where to company was founded and David is from, the reputation is poor.   I am curious though, when did you began working for A&B? I...
No, I have not. Of course neither have you. However, I have spoken to a tailor in the area where the company was initially based (Columbus) who worked with the founder (david schottenstein) and he thinks the garments are complete crap. I also have met many "real people" (not style forum readers) who have had terrible experiences. But who knows... maybe the production standards are probably similar to Canali... 
  by a 12-year-old in China...
flying to NYC tomorrow, have an odd summer SC I wanted to pair with a (nice) plain white cotton golf shirt and denim for the flight. My wife says it's stupid and that she has never seen anyone wear a polo / golf shirt with a sport coat before. I must admit it isn't something you see often, however I think the casual nature of the polo is consistent with the sport coat and denim (with a loafer). What does everyone think, sprezza or stupido? 
This is awesome man, good for you. I would love to use a couple t am sure there are more deserving members. Regardless, good for you
I've been where you have been (mens warehouse and Joseph Banks) and am where you are going. My suggestion: Saks off 5th have buy 1 get 1 free rugt now and every suit the have is better than calvin klein. The one i was at yesterday had 2 hickey freeman suits for $700, can't beat that
I missed them in madrid, when will they be back in NYC?
There is Fuck you money, and then there is seriously go fuck yourself money. $91k for a t-shirt? 
Daniel Day Lewis bossing the night, wearing Domenico Vacca. He easily outshines the ass clowns in notch lapels and black shirts. Seth McFarland in Gucci w/ notches... 
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