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Anyone have an idea what the typical mark up from wholesale is to retail on fine clothing? I was thinking around 150% (wholesale being 40% of retail), but hoped someone here has direct knowledge. I am putting a business plan together for a haberdashery and would appreciate any insight. SF discount goes without saying :) 
I bought these exact shoes in Madrid a year ago. They took a while to wear in, but have become my favorite pair of shoes. Versatile, I wear them with a suit, or with jeans and a sport coat (like today in fact).
another beautiful coat. My navy SC is a 1'4 lined sammy with light padding. Fits similar to my Isaia sport coats, very soft.
I was referring to the general list this thread has compiled, not the smaller list dirnelli made. Thanks for the condescending reply though, always enjoy the self righteous elitism of some on here.
Try Brunello Cucinelli
Fitz for sure. JAB needs serious blade work and the cut isn't nearly as flattering. How did you score the BB Fitz jacket for $300?
That's a beautiful coat, excellent choice. For the record, 2k for a MTM coat of that quality, made in Italy, is a good price. I think everyone here is so accustomed to Ebay, shop the finest, or whatever discount store they scoff at full retail. However, you wanted customized details (patch pocket, surgeon cuff, single vent, etc...) which necessitated MTM or bespoke. Given your location, bespoke wasn't an option as expenses associated with traveling to NY for Napoli Su...
Are we so cynical we are now going to start trashing Isaia? Say what you want about their marketing (which, btw, has led to an explosion in popularity and growth for the brand), Isaia is one of the finest mens clothing companies in the world. 
at the bottom of the list there needs to be a differentiation between Z Zegna, Boss, Abboud, etc... and H&M, zara, calvin klein. While the former brands reputation exceeds their quality, there still exists a notable difference between their offerings and typical mall garbage like the latter. Also, Armani Collezioni, particularly the Giorgio and Sartorial Decco lines, are half canvassed, made in Italy, with good fabric and a modern cut. While not worth the retail price,...
Dollar for dollar its the best value on the market (Samuelsohn could make a good argument too). The thread linked above is a great resource. 
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