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Bumping this thread for a couple of reasons:   1) I see Kirk Herbstreet sporting these every week and think it looks awful. He typically "coordinates" it with a shirt / / pocket square combination that was clearly contrived to create one specific outfit. I love the job he does on TV but his clothing always come across as tacky.    2) I found the sport coat on Ben's website: http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/clothing/benjamin-sport-coat-39r-40r.html   Love the pattern...
Beautiful pair of shoes. Kiton shoes I have seen are top class, incredible quality but slightly over priced. 
When you rent an apartment you are able to experience the culture more than when you stay in a hotel. It can be something as simple as taking a trip to the market to shop for groceries which, while not as high on tripadvisor as the Ufizzi, probably provides greater insight into day-to-day life for real Florentines. Then they are the less convenient, yet equally as educating, experiences like learning how to use their appliances or blowing a fuse box BC they regulate...
If anyone is looking to stay in Florence (or anywhere really) for 5 days or more I reccomend an apartment vs a hotel. It is usually cheaper and allows you to interact with the culture in a more intimate way.    My wife and I stayed here last Spring for two weeks: http://www.vrbo.com/560179  We had a wonderful experience! The apartment is very convenient to all the sites and comfortably furnished w/ new furniture as well as framed Hermes scarfs decorating the walls. The...
Anyone have an idea what the typical mark up from wholesale is to retail on fine clothing? I was thinking around 150% (wholesale being 40% of retail), but hoped someone here has direct knowledge. I am putting a business plan together for a haberdashery and would appreciate any insight. SF discount goes without saying :) 
I bought these exact shoes in Madrid a year ago. They took a while to wear in, but have become my favorite pair of shoes. Versatile, I wear them with a suit, or with jeans and a sport coat (like today in fact).
another beautiful coat. My navy SC is a 1'4 lined sammy with light padding. Fits similar to my Isaia sport coats, very soft.
I was referring to the general list this thread has compiled, not the smaller list dirnelli made. Thanks for the condescending reply though, always enjoy the self righteous elitism of some on here.
Try Brunello Cucinelli
Fitz for sure. JAB needs serious blade work and the cut isn't nearly as flattering. How did you score the BB Fitz jacket for $300?
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