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Cambriausa.com has some cool inspirational photos of various interior spaces, I'd start there
timely response lol
I have been eyeballing this bag for a while, may serve your desire for a carry on garment bag: http://www.hookandalbert.com/shop/travel-bags/garment-weekender
Thanks for all the feedback. It is something of an odd jacket so I feel more comfortable deviating from the norm. I'm going to roll with two buttons, let you guys know if I hate it lol
Having a jacket made and at my next fitting I must commit to a number of buttons on the sleeve head. I have always done four but wanted to try something different this time. I was thinking of just two but I have never dabbled in this black art. Does anyone have insight?   FWIW I searched for a thread on this topic and found nothing since a 2007 thread about Versace jackets w/ 5 kissing buttons I found irrelevant. If anyone knows of a thread where this is discussed please...
Bumping this thread for a couple of reasons:   1) I see Kirk Herbstreet sporting these every week and think it looks awful. He typically "coordinates" it with a shirt / / pocket square combination that was clearly contrived to create one specific outfit. I love the job he does on TV but his clothing always come across as tacky.    2) I found the sport coat on Ben's website: http://ehaberdasher.com/index.php/clothing/benjamin-sport-coat-39r-40r.html   Love the pattern...
Beautiful pair of shoes. Kiton shoes I have seen are top class, incredible quality but slightly over priced. 
When you rent an apartment you are able to experience the culture more than when you stay in a hotel. It can be something as simple as taking a trip to the market to shop for groceries which, while not as high on tripadvisor as the Ufizzi, probably provides greater insight into day-to-day life for real Florentines. Then they are the less convenient, yet equally as educating, experiences like learning how to use their appliances or blowing a fuse box BC they regulate...
If anyone is looking to stay in Florence (or anywhere really) for 5 days or more I reccomend an apartment vs a hotel. It is usually cheaper and allows you to interact with the culture in a more intimate way.    My wife and I stayed here last Spring for two weeks: http://www.vrbo.com/560179  We had a wonderful experience! The apartment is very convenient to all the sites and comfortably furnished w/ new furniture as well as framed Hermes scarfs decorating the walls. The...
Anyone have an idea what the typical mark up from wholesale is to retail on fine clothing? I was thinking around 150% (wholesale being 40% of retail), but hoped someone here has direct knowledge. I am putting a business plan together for a haberdashery and would appreciate any insight. SF discount goes without saying :) 
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