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Another aspect that struck me is that if a guy follows several different blogs and visit them on a almost daily basis, he is actively seeking a form of information overload and can choose to be picky with his focus of attention. For example, if four different blogs are scrolled through on a daily basis, how much information does the reader actually walk away with or even remember once the computer is turned off?
Nope, guess "online community" is more accurate...
I think you have a very good point there. Even if a blogger is honest in about being sponsored or similar, they are (mostly) regular consumers that are affected by marketing in one way or the other, so their influential opinions may be just be another marketing channel, even if they mean well.   But then again, if we as consumers are mostly just interested in the looks on the blogs for inspiration, then perhaps its doesn't really matter which brand is being pushed.    
There was a French study which stated that men are more interested in the product rather than the look and that men are more attached to brands than women. Yet, from the blog perspective, many men say that they use the blogs for inspiration, but don't really care too much about which brands or specific products are featured. What do you guys think?
Thank you both for your contributions! In connection with lostron said about not focusing on the brands, could this in any way be related to matters of trusting the bloggers? There's clearly some blogs that are sponsored or receive products for reviewing and even though they might be open about it, does it damage the credibility? Or is the influence of a style/look/combination more important than the actual brand?
    I'm an avid blog reader myself, but most have already been mentioned here...including Put This On (cough cough).
Noticed that the discussion in here has died a bit, but with regards to blogs, I'd love hear hear you guys' opinion on this thread.  
---Edit--- This thread was temporarily deleted as I, rather eagerly, stupidly, and naively, referred to it in other threads concerning blogs, which I was following. I have cleared it with the admins so that I hopefully can get some help for my study. I apologize to anyone offended.   Do you follow any style/fashion blogs? I would love to hear how you relate to these and whether you believe that they can affect your purchase decisions, desires, and...
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