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Fiona, has always been responsive to my email inquiries. I am an existing customer. Get an appointment, get measured and go from there. I've been satisfied. The more knowledgeable you are the better- do the research and don't pay too much attention to these idiot fanatics on this blog, unless they have a moment of clarity.
Specifically ask Joe to have the collar and cuffs unfused. Love that BD collar.
OMG. Pics please. Love the chocolate suede & double monks, very nice. Own 20 pair of Edwards, lookin to branch.
Killer Alfred. Sargent
Who is "AS"?
Kill Toxic 1980s Image Shack
Give Me A F_____ Break. Norstroms? They have LOST THEIR WAY My Friend. Tommy Bahama South Coast Plaza Crapiolo.
yeah, how do you get invited to your blog?
Both my wife and I have always been scarf people-for ever. Its tough though in Scottsdale in the summer. This is one of the best, if not the best thread on the Forum, IMHO.
1st off contact Stu at Rave Fabricare in Scottsdale. (Google it). He knows more about esoteric bespoke, high end tailored clothing than most. My tailor.com is very good for bespoke shirting (they make a specific pattern for you). They come through PHX and are not to far away in Orange County (near South Coast Plaza) and Joe is the guy you want to deal with...he gets it. Steer clear of the shirt maker on Camelback and 40th street. Fused MTM in New Jersey and way over...
New Posts  All Forums: