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Fuck it. Move to Newport Beach California during the summer and Scottsdale during the winter. Whats the problem?
I wish I knew how to post my private email response from John Lee- bust alas. Kind of a social media retard.
BTW, I think it's MTM; but not 100% sure. Likely.
Hey Torsion. I received a reply from John Lee. Ver cordial. He confirmed, the Parks will tour the US. No firm date yet. He mentioned, there may be stops in other US towns. He confirmed that he put me on the "interested list". Suggest reaching out to him and get on that list. Best. TP
Received email response from NYC agent- yes there will be a USA Tour, starting in NYC and perhaps roard tour subsequently.
Duh. You're correct. My bad. But still seems totally doable.
I'd pay a deposit, for sure.
I guarantee that if 20 suits is the decision point , that's 5 guys at 2 per guy. I want two minimum. Please do USA. Mr Park.
Fiona, has always been responsive to my email inquiries. I am an existing customer. Get an appointment, get measured and go from there. I've been satisfied. The more knowledgeable you are the better- do the research and don't pay too much attention to these idiot fanatics on this blog, unless they have a moment of clarity.
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