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I had to glue my CXL belt together too, after it started splitting. Got frustrated with it and tossed it out. Really a shame because I liked the feel and color of the CXL a lot.
denim kaihara looks great
I tried to watch the Wizards/Pacers game on the plane yesterday. Both teams were missing so many long jumpers in the 1st quarter that I just tuned out & fell asleep. Least exciting semi's matchup by far.
The W&S fabrics are excellent. Great hue of rust & petrol
That walnut color is great. Reminds me of the dark tan twill from Khaki's of Carmel.
wow, congrats on the 6-yr EP anniversary
great look on that Doyle jacket, how's the sizing?
Time to go, Mark Jackson.
The MTO shirts program made a comeback?
Yeah the game was lackluster. Doc Rivers got a technical in the 1st quarter for something, no doubt he was pissed at his team. Nice to see Baron Davis in the stands.
New Posts  All Forums: