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For sale is a pair of Epaulet Walt trousers in brown houndstooth, size 32. This brown houndstooth is a good weight for spring/fall. Used but in excellent condition. The trousers have been drycleaned and pressed.  [[SPOILER]]  Price includes shipping in the CONUS.  
Tracey Emin
For sale are 3 Kamakura Shirts OCBD shirts, size 15 1/3 - 34 1/3 Tokyo Slim Fit, in blue stripe, light blue stripe, and pink stripe. These shirts are from their "Vintage Oxford" line that has been discontinued for some time. The oxford fabrics used here are fantastic and substantial, more so than their usual OCBDs. The cut and the stripes are very much classic Ivy. Condition: lightly worn a few times. I think I've worn the pink stripe only once. I'm selling them because...
@Vickt those mocha oil tans are great. Love the soles.
selling a daypack, brand new
Looking to sell/trade 2 pieces: FW14 Bedford Jacket | Brown Homespun | M (worn 1-2 times) - $380 FW14 Truman Pants | Brown Homespun | 32 (BNWT) - $350 Looking for: Olive ripstop fatigue shorts (M) Workshirts (M) in solids/simple patterns
9D Brannock, 8D 2030 last here.
^ Are Vibergs well-known in Japan? That is the first Japan-exclusive make-up I've seen here.
^ Tan horsehides are a good looking pair, great pick-up.  
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