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very well put-together, MGD
I have gotten some questions about the actual color of the bone suede. I have put up a photo comparing the bone suede to the color on a pair of grey suede achilles lows.
For sale is a pair of Momotaro x Japan Blue JB0101, size 34. 14.8oz raw selvedge denim in a skinny-straight cut, with a blue inseam thread. These are from a limited-run of "vintage series denim" from JB's debut offering outside of Japan. I've had these for about a year and only wore them a dozen times or so because I had I sized them incorrectly. Great denim with minimal fading as the photos can show. See here for a description from Blue Owl Workshop.   [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
The overdye SC looks great. Very unique
better yet, give MIA some injuries
I've removed parts I don't like from clothes (e.g. chest pockets on OCBDs). If it'll nag you in the back of your mind to have the patch there, just remove it.
natural kaihara would be amazing
Looks great unbuttoned, and the sleeve length is just right.
camo ripstop rivets look great
I had to glue my CXL belt together too, after it started splitting. Got frustrated with it and tossed it out. Really a shame because I liked the feel and color of the CXL a lot.
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