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  Looks like you got banned from B&S, might want to re-read the classifieds rules
Does anyone know what to call the color/texture on this sportcoat? Is this an example of donegal?    
king of the gunboats, yesterday morning  
+1 the 2nd one is luscious. Beautiful scarves!
  gorgeous cigar indy's uncle. can't wait till it cools down in Chicago so I can wear mine again
maineratheart is a great seller, and someone should really kop that beautiful BC blazer 
That a J-24?
  not a big fan of double monks but the colour!      Very nice, a sleeker cousin to the RL Marlow wingtips
  I haven't tried the tees from H&M, but I have to highly recommend the v-necks from Express.They come in a wide variety of colors, are very soft and comfortable, and best of all the colors don't fade much over many washings. I have many of them, they're the only thing I'd buy from express
  Hanig's Footwear in the Hancock tower has a staple selection of Aldens (no exotic shells like Ravello/Whiskey, however) -- the gentlemen there are very courteous and helpful, I'd highly recommend.   Then there's Haberdash in River North... they have a selection of Aldens, but it's a very unfortunate experience shopping there unless you look like you walked out of a page in GQ.
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