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#8 LHS  
Those look outstanding with the denim! Almost Ravello-toned  Enjoy!
I've also got the brown houndstooth walts, they're one of my favorite pairs and people love the pattern when they see it up close. I think they look quite good with a navy DB blazer, and for sportcoats I think the camel hair one SVB suggested is very good.
Not my size  Someone out there will be very happy with this!
Beautiful shoes and a great price.
My Cigar Indy was the gateway shoe to Aldens/shell addiction
For sale is a pair of used Allen Edmonds "Clifton", a captoe derby model offered by Allen Edmonds through Nordstrom's. I bought these as seconds early this year -- as far as I can tell, the only noticeable defect on them is a small scrape/cut on the inner edge of the heel on the right shoe.   For sizing, I am a 9D on the Brannock device, and I think this would fit 9D-9.5D.   The soles have plenty of wear left in them. I took good care of these shoes,...
Looks like it would go well with dress chinos and lighter denim, wear in good health
For sale is a pair of Japan Blue JB0701, tagged size 33, fit 32-33, chain-stitched hem to about 33". I believe they've been warm soaked once, there's almost no fading yet. I bought these from a fellow forumer a while ago but never really got around to wearing them much. The original listing is here.   Description on Superdenim: http://www.superdenim.co.uk/prodpage.asp?productid=1817   SOLD   Thanks for looking, VH
Price drop $600 > $575.
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