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I've also got the brown houndstooth walts, they're one of my favorite pairs and people love the pattern when they see it up close. I think they look quite good with a navy DB blazer, and for sportcoats I think the camel hair one SVB suggested is very good.
Not my size  Someone out there will be very happy with this!
Beautiful shoes and a great price.
My Cigar Indy was the gateway shoe to Aldens/shell addiction
For sale is a pair of used Allen Edmonds "Clifton", a captoe derby model offered by Allen Edmonds through Nordstrom's. I bought these as seconds early this year -- as far as I can tell, the only noticeable defect on them is a small scrape/cut on the inner edge of the heel on the right shoe.   For sizing, I am a 9D on the Brannock device, and I think this would fit 9D-9.5D.   The soles have plenty of wear left in them. I took good care of these shoes,...
Looks like it would go well with dress chinos and lighter denim, wear in good health
For sale is a pair of Japan Blue JB0701, tagged size 33, fit 32-33, chain-stitched hem to about 33". I believe they've been warm soaked once, there's almost no fading yet. I bought these from a fellow forumer a while ago but never really got around to wearing them much. The original listing is here.   Description on Superdenim: http://www.superdenim.co.uk/prodpage.asp?productid=1817   SOLD   Thanks for looking, VH
Price drop $600 > $575.
Sounds like the method Apple recommends for calibrating laptop batteries. Never thought to do it for the phone battery as well, thanks for the tip
Lots of people have wanted this since Siri went live. The problem is battery drain, it'll need to keep the mic powered at all times in order for this feature to work. I don't think Siri is useful enough yet to make that sacrifice in battery life.
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