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Lovely jacket Shaya.   I would be interested in a medium or large brown/beige houndstooth (in the 1st photo), judging by the measurements posted earlier.
Drop to $425
David Burke's Primehouse offers fantastic dry aged ribeye/sirloin burgers at lunch. Reasonable price, too.
Big drop to $500! Last drop before I put it up on eBay.
... of the whole country, but much to do with the economy of swing states like Ohio, which improved just enough for voters to think Obama's auto-bailout worked and gift him 4 more years.
I stand corrected! Good to know, thanks.
I don't think Alden makes any LWBs that are not on the Barrie last, unless it's a custom order (there's a forumer who had 5 pairs of #8 LWBs custom made in the Grant last).
For those who are on the fence about these gloves, don't hesitate -- these gloves are wonderfully soft, warm, and sharp-looking. I'm sure they will last me many winters. Shaya is also an excellent seller, the package made its way to me in the US in less than a week.   FYI I'm halfway between a 8.5 and 9 and the 8.5 medium fit me perfectly.
Same here -- 8.5D Barrie, 8.5C Van, with the Van being a little on the tight side
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