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I'm moving soon and need to clear out the wardrobe of things that I no longer wear often.   For sale is a pair of limited edition Iron Heart 634S-RAW 21oz heavy-duty denim, unsanforized, in size 32. Hot soaked once, in excellent condition with some fades starting to set in (they look more faded in the photos because of the lighting). No other jeans will be made with this loomstate 21/23oz indigo denim -- this is the last of its kind, get it while you can! Retails for...
Great caramel hue on those whiskeys!
The problem is that Saphir is in France and there are US trade regulations on shipping certain materials from overseas -- specifically aerosols.
People who leave sleeve tags on their suit jackets or coats, wtf? Seems to happen more with women than with men.  
For sale is a gorgeous pea coat from Luigi Borrelli. Medium-weight grey birdseye wool with a soft feel and construction, perfect for the spring and fall.   This was purchased from a fellow forumer not long ago (see original listing here). I've worn it out only once, it is just a bit too big on me. I still have the tag but it's been removed. Included also is a size 38 Borrelli hanger.   Measurements:   Tag Size: 48 IT (~38 US) [throat latch not...
Seeing these photos just gave me a whiff of new cordovan leather. Ah, synesthesia... 
Is a new round of Navy Label shirting coming soon?
+1. I think many LHS owners may not have considered sizing down one width from their Barrie size, but it can work very well for the Van last. 8.5D Barrie, 8.5C Van for me.
There's a Plaza-last chukka? Seems like an unusual combination.
Like the brass eyelets/speedhooks, thanks for sharing.
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