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  +1, I'm 8.5 in Barrie and Van. Van is a bit more snug but that works very well for e.g. the LHS
maybe Joan was just so flattered by the proposition...  "my tits can pull in Jaguars"  
  From all the abuse/lack of recognition Peggy's been getting from Don this whole season, combined with her talent & ambition, it's not hard to see her leaving.   I was shocked by Joan's choice, too -- I don't think she did it for the money, since Roger's promised to support their kid. Maybe she did it because SCDP is the only thing she's got? We saw earlier this season how anxious and upset she became when she mistakenly assumed that the firm had put personals in the...
Price drop $50 > $40
Price drop $65 > $55
  +1 on trolling
Peggy's going to the rival firm that SCDP pulled the Honda motorcycle prank on? 
  +1 I've used the AE waterproofing spray on a variety of suedes and it's worked fine.
  That caramel duck has an excellent hue in indoor lighting... might have to kop soon! Can't decide if I should first get more walt wool trousers for work, or start collecting rivet chinos for play 
The chest is too small for a shoulder of 18... are you measuring it as A Harris suggested here? (http://www.styleforum.net/t/1463/hof-how-to-measure-for-ebay/30#post_5321905)   Also, would love to know how much left to extend sleeves as well 
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