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Lots of people have wanted this since Siri went live. The problem is battery drain, it'll need to keep the mic powered at all times in order for this feature to work. I don't think Siri is useful enough yet to make that sacrifice in battery life.
Price drop $60 > $50
At least it's not a non-refundable deposit for a make-up that's still an estimated 1-2 years away... ahem ravello boots 
  See the FAQ post, under "What is the pen trick?", YMMV
This Mackintosh is insanely nice. I believe J. Crew offers a similar coat, but it's not nearly as nice as this. Well done Mike & the gang 
That is a beautiful and deep ravello, congratulations! Darker than my ravellos, but I like it 
Hi all, I'm looking for a recommendation -- I love my Petit Standards (fit great, stacks well, etc.) but I am looking to branch out and add some more similar denim to my rotation. Any suggestions? Size 31 in PS, btw
Boeing v. Airbus, duopoly on commercial aircraft manufacturing   DeBeers, Rio Tinto, etc., oligopoly on diamond mining. Although the recent discovery in Siberia could shake things up
For sale is a Burberry cashmere cardigan in black, size L. It is very soft and warm, perfect for the coming fall/winter. I've had it for about 2 years and it is still in great shape, no noticeable pilling/pulls/etc.   Measurements:   Pit-to-pit: 21.5in Length: 29.5in Sleeve length (center of collar back to sleeve): 38in   SOLD
Good to see many boots in recent posts, fall weather is here! My cigar indys:      
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