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Ravello SWBs, Barrie last  
I wear a 8.5D in Trubalance/Barrie & I wear a 9D in Grant.
Will there be more items added to the women's sale?
Polishing some #8s today...  
Clearing out some ties for sale. These are all either brand new or slightly used. They are 100% silk unless indicated otherwise.   Shipping to CONUS only & I accept PayPal.     #1. Gucci, navy/ruby (58" x 2.75") SOLD   #2. J. Crew, navy/green (59" x 3.25") SOLD   #3. Isaia, dark green (cashmere, 3-fold lined with rolled edges -- 60" x 3.5") SOLD   #4. Isaia, lilac (wool, 3-fold -- 59" x 3.5") SOLD   #5. Zegna, gold/black (59" x 4")
I was curious as to what navy cxl looks like... it's quite nice as a moc (from Oak St Bootmakers):    
Drop to $375!
Ravello SWBs    
A question on shoe care for antique cognac calf: is Saphir's neutral cream polish or mid brown cream polish better?
  If you want to have rubber soles like vibram Topys installed, it's actually better to have some wear on the sole as it allows the sole to adhere better.   Gus Shoe Repair on the North Side of Chicago does a good job with rubber soles.
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