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Looking at the MTO shirts -- no option to remove pleats in the back? 
+1 to CXL LWBs. See some of El Argentino's photos of them, they look superb.
I've had a similar experience with taps, they hurt my knees and threw off my gait.
No travel call on Lebron's clear 4-step 
Alden's notorious QC issues, for one.
Isn't there a steep fine for honking in Manhattan?
I got some grey v-neck undershirts from RibbedTee about half a year ago and recently placed an order for some more (after throwing out my remaining Hanes/CK undershirts). Thought I'd add in my $0.02 here to support this company, cause they make a solid product.   I wore them just about every day and washed them every week. As advertised, they don't stretch after washing, although I only do cold-wash and hang-dry. They fit well, do not bunch up at the waist, and the...
Very nice lagsun. I'm also wearing the Alden DC Cigar captoe boots today:  
My girlfriend loves her Keaton blazer, thanks Mike & Adele! 
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