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Depends on the last. Most Alden boots are on the Trubalance/Barrie last and the common experience has been to size down 1/2. Some boots are on the Grant last which is supposed to be true to size.
What's the consensus on the Marlow shell wingtips sizing? I've seen in this thread that some felt it's 1/4 size too big, others 1/2 size too big.   I'm a standard US 9D and I have a pair of size 9D Marlows that are slipping in the heels just slightly enough for me to find them a bit uncomfortable during long walks.   If someone here has a pair in 8.5D and is experiencing the opposite problem, I would be interested in a trade (see my sig below).
For sale is a pair of gently worn Ralph Lauren Marlow wingtip derbies (1, 2) in brown shell cordovan (size 9D), crafted by Crockett & Jones for Ralph Lauren. This is a beautiful pair of shoes with a timeless design. They've been brushed/buffed after every other wearing and conditioned once with Venetian Shoe Cream. I had Topys installed on the front sole as well.   I would keep them if they weren't just a bit too big. They should fit you well if you take e.g. a 9D in...
Some saphir renovateur or venetian shoe cream, in addition to vigorous brushing, can help with the spots, but don't overdo it
GreenFrog's numbers sound right; however, my friend who's in IBD calculated his hourly wage after his first year (including bonus) and he was making only about $25/hr...
Looks stunning, uncle. My pair unfortunately doesn't fit me as well, I should have sized down a half.   Anyone interested in a pair of 9D RL Marlows? Should be a good fit if you are 9.5D, I also put Topys on them.
Is the 2nd from right, bottom row, a #8 LWB? How long have you had it?
Vass shell baseline is going for about €550 = ~700USD, according to a recent post... very comparable to Aldens.
I love my Aldens, but Vass' shell cordovan shoes can be quite comparable to, if not better than, Aldens. They tend to be more sleek as well. Take a look through the Vass thread.   Vass saddle shell semi-brogue & ravello plain captoe:     Vass antique cognac shell semi-brogue:       Vass whiskey shell punch captoe:  
Does anyone know if there's a walnut shell offering from AE recently?
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