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I had handgrips installed on my 256s and thought I'd share some data points for those who are interested. IMO it is a lot more comfortable to carry the 256 with the handgrip.   The 256 doesn't come with a handgrip initially and I contacted Filson about putting one on mine. They asked me to ship it out to them in Seattle. The entire process took a little over 2 weeks and cost $20, not including the initial cost of shipping to Filson.    
Ray Allen's half-court foul 
This is now on eBay: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=110983403021
I'd love a brown herringbone in L, keep us posted Shaya!
Lovely jacket Shaya.   I would be interested in a medium or large brown/beige houndstooth (in the 1st photo), judging by the measurements posted earlier.
Drop to $425
David Burke's Primehouse offers fantastic dry aged ribeye/sirloin burgers at lunch. Reasonable price, too.
Big drop to $500! Last drop before I put it up on eBay.
I stand corrected! Good to know, thanks.
I don't think Alden makes any LWBs that are not on the Barrie last, unless it's a custom order (there's a forumer who had 5 pairs of #8 LWBs custom made in the Grant last).
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