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Like the brass eyelets/speedhooks, thanks for sharing.
Someone was looking for photos of Vass being worn -- here are my Berkeleys (F-last in antique cognac):  
Fantastic boots. Looks like you can keep a great mirror shine on them, too.
Epaulet NY sells them -- it's one of my favorite belts:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/6840#post_4787593   Unfortunately they're out of stock until this fall.
Brabantia makes excellent, sturdy ironing boards with good padding.   I am also looking for a new iron. Rowenta seems to be a favorite here -- any recommendations for a particular model?
I'm curious about Plaza-lasted boots -- as far as I know, there's one from J. Gilbert (#8 Captoe boot) and one from Frans Boone (Ravello Indy). Does anyone know of other Plaza-last boots?   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Beautiful. Looks almost like those Ruby shells from Carmina.
I'm a TTS US 9D & a 42 calfskin in F-last is a touch too tight on me, but I also have a high instep.
Have to second the opinion that Cigar shell LWBs are very versatile, perhaps even more so than #8. This is especially true for more casual outfits.
Anybody know which retailer stocks whiskey chukkas? Thinking about getting one for the spring.
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