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One of the sales associates informed me that Kamakura's online store will go live around the end of April.   As of today you can actually browse parts of the online store, but you cannot yet make purchases. It's useful to look over their measurement charts, as they have sizes in quarter-inch increments.
appreciate all the recent photos of Hobers in action, thanks pinkpanther! 
Impeccable. Excellent for Spring.
I'm thinking about replacing my old OCBDs with some from Epaulet. Anyone care to share their experiences with shrinkage after wash on Epaulet OCBDs (especially in the sleeve and collar)?
I've the Belgian and it's perfectly fine as a white linen PS.
Perhaps the previous owner put the wrong kind of wax/cream on the shell. I've never seen an example of it coming out of creases to this degree.
For sale is a Waterfield Designs "Cargo" Messenger Bag. Size Medium "Lead Iridium" front flap Paragliding buckle   This is a fantastic messenger bag for everyday use, looks great and well-constructed. I've had it for about 3 years and the only signs of wear are on the front buckle.
Patina Sunday -- after plenty of mac method last night and this morning:   Top: #8 LHS; Cigar Captoe Boots (Alden DC); Cigar Indy (Leffot) Bottom: #8 LWB; Ravello LWB (Alden DC); Ravello SWB (Leathersoul); AF21 Whiskey LWB (AoC)   Of interest is the difference between the two pairs of Ravello shell. The LWB is newer and has a more ruby hue than the SWB.
I was just applying some Venetian on my cordovan shoes tonight -- a task long overdue, seeing as the shell absorbed the cream so quickly. Some dye does come off on the cloth when I apply Venetian, sure, but the same happens when I buff (a la mac method) the shoes anyway. If you're concerned about the dye you can supplement occasionally with paste wax.
Navy Print Tie E.G. Cappelli 60 x 3.5   Worn a few times, looks like new.   SOLD
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