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Did any one know that Ravello is actually the name of a town in southern Italy, along the Amalfi coast? I wonder if that locale inspired the name.  
I think you posted this same question in the Howard Yount thread after you made a purchase... slow down there, it'll come.
I asked Mike about Navy Label shirts too. He said they're getting 7 new styles of Navy Label shirts in a few weeks.
Looks like you can reliably depend on J.Crew to offer discounts on Aldens every few months. I don't seem to recall an instance when their store-wide promo codes did not work on Aldens.
But the pride and satisfaction you feel when you see her at the dance recital is almost comparable to that of unboxing new Aldens 
Wow. Those cigar WT boots are exquisite.
  It's the cigar captoe boot on Grant last, Alden DC stocks them regularly.   [[SPOILER]]
Cigar Indy:
That also depends on whether it's lined or unlined.
Drop $375 $350
New Posts  All Forums: