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Big drop to $500! Last drop before I put it up on eBay.
I stand corrected! Good to know, thanks.
I don't think Alden makes any LWBs that are not on the Barrie last, unless it's a custom order (there's a forumer who had 5 pairs of #8 LWBs custom made in the Grant last).
For those who are on the fence about these gloves, don't hesitate -- these gloves are wonderfully soft, warm, and sharp-looking. I'm sure they will last me many winters. Shaya is also an excellent seller, the package made its way to me in the US in less than a week.   FYI I'm halfway between a 8.5 and 9 and the 8.5 medium fit me perfectly.
Same here -- 8.5D Barrie, 8.5C Van, with the Van being a little on the tight side
I bought my Venetian Shoe Cream a few months ago from Fore Supply Co: http://bit.ly/VMdPND   IIRC the shipping charge was not too bad, I'd recommend it (although 32oz is about a lifetime supply worth of Venetian Cream)
FWIW, #8 is the classic color for cordovan leather -- that is, if you mention cordovan leather to someone who knows what it is, chances are they will be thinking about the #8 color. Some even refer to the #8 color as "cordovan" color.
For sale is a J.Crew Timex Vintage Field Army Watch. I got it earlier this year from J.Crew but did not wear it very much. Looks great, keeps good time, and in great condition -- it has just a little wear on the strap around where it is fastened. Comes with the olive-toned NATO watch strap pictured and the original box.   Features: Stainless steel watch case. Quartz analog movement. 50M water-resistant. Fits 18mm watch straps (there are plenty of...
Ravello SWBs  looking very good. What do you do for the winter commute?
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