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Some saphir renovateur or venetian shoe cream, in addition to vigorous brushing, can help with the spots, but don't overdo it
GreenFrog's numbers sound right; however, my friend who's in IBD calculated his hourly wage after his first year (including bonus) and he was making only about $25/hr...
Looks stunning, uncle. My pair unfortunately doesn't fit me as well, I should have sized down a half.   Anyone interested in a pair of 9D RL Marlows? Should be a good fit if you are 9.5D, I also put Topys on them.
Is the 2nd from right, bottom row, a #8 LWB? How long have you had it?
Vass shell baseline is going for about €550 = ~700USD, according to a recent post... very comparable to Aldens.
I love my Aldens, but Vass' shell cordovan shoes can be quite comparable to, if not better than, Aldens. They tend to be more sleek as well. Take a look through the Vass thread.   Vass saddle shell semi-brogue & ravello plain captoe:     Vass antique cognac shell semi-brogue:       Vass whiskey shell punch captoe:  
Does anyone know if there's a walnut shell offering from AE recently?
They should be understanding about this. Looks like AE's QC is still on the decline...
The dark brown shell on the Darlton/Marlow is a fantastic shade. On some days I like it better than cigar shell.
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