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Someone was looking for photos of Vass being worn -- here are my Berkeleys (F-last in antique cognac):  
Fantastic boots. Looks like you can keep a great mirror shine on them, too.
Epaulet NY sells them -- it's one of my favorite belts:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/111211/epaulet-shop-official-affiliate-thread/6840#post_4787593   Unfortunately they're out of stock until this fall.
Brabantia makes excellent, sturdy ironing boards with good padding.   I am also looking for a new iron. Rowenta seems to be a favorite here -- any recommendations for a particular model?
I'm curious about Plaza-lasted boots -- as far as I know, there's one from J. Gilbert (#8 Captoe boot) and one from Frans Boone (Ravello Indy). Does anyone know of other Plaza-last boots?   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
Beautiful. Looks almost like those Ruby shells from Carmina.
I'm a TTS US 9D & a 42 calfskin in F-last is a touch too tight on me, but I also have a high instep.
Have to second the opinion that Cigar shell LWBs are very versatile, perhaps even more so than #8. This is especially true for more casual outfits.
Anybody know which retailer stocks whiskey chukkas? Thinking about getting one for the spring.
Keep in mind also that the sole breaks in after some wear, which reduces heel slip.
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