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I bought my Venetian Shoe Cream a few months ago from Fore Supply Co: http://bit.ly/VMdPND   IIRC the shipping charge was not too bad, I'd recommend it (although 32oz is about a lifetime supply worth of Venetian Cream)
FWIW, #8 is the classic color for cordovan leather -- that is, if you mention cordovan leather to someone who knows what it is, chances are they will be thinking about the #8 color. Some even refer to the #8 color as "cordovan" color.
For sale is a J.Crew Timex Vintage Field Army Watch. I got it earlier this year from J.Crew but did not wear it very much. Looks great, keeps good time, and in great condition -- it has just a little wear on the strap around where it is fastened. Comes with the olive-toned NATO watch strap pictured and the original box.   Features: Stainless steel watch case. Quartz analog movement. 50M water-resistant. Fits 18mm watch straps (there are plenty of...
Ravello SWBs  looking very good. What do you do for the winter commute?
Very nice. I've come to appreciate commando soles over leather soles on boots.
For sale is a pair of Alden Navy Suede Unlined plain toe blucher, size 8.5D in Barrie last. I bought them from a fellow forumer a few months ago but did not get around to wearing them much. See the original listing here. Beautiful, rich navy suede, great for the spring and summer. As far as I know, the suede has not been treated with any protective coating.   The first few photos are from the original listing. I had Topys installed on the front soles (see the last 2...
Ravello SWBs    
Dwight really needs to do something about that free throw
For one thing, they're closing in on the weight difference between the Retina Pro and the Air -- 3.57lbs for the 13" Retina Pro vs. 2.96lbs for the 13" MBA. I'd choose the Retina Pro over the Air.
For those who sent 256s back to the factory to install handgrips, about how long did it take to do?
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