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More shell in the snow  Cigar Indys from Leffot:  
Ravello SWBs, Barrie last  
I wear a 8.5D in Trubalance/Barrie & I wear a 9D in Grant.
Will there be more items added to the women's sale?
Polishing some #8s today...  
Clearing out some ties for sale. These are all either brand new or slightly used. They are 100% silk unless indicated otherwise.   Shipping to CONUS only & I accept PayPal.     #1. Gucci, navy/ruby (58" x 2.75") SOLD   #2. J. Crew, navy/green (59" x 3.25") SOLD   #3. Isaia, dark green (cashmere, 3-fold lined with rolled edges -- 60" x 3.5") SOLD   #4. Isaia, lilac (wool, 3-fold -- 59" x 3.5") SOLD   #5. Zegna, gold/black (59" x 4")
I was curious as to what navy cxl looks like... it's quite nice as a moc (from Oak St Bootmakers):    
Drop to $375!
Ravello SWBs    
A question on shoe care for antique cognac calf: is Saphir's neutral cream polish or mid brown cream polish better?
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