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Hill will likely be out tomorrow for the concussion, probably not even back by game 7. And if Hibbert continues to play like the rest of the team last night ("playin like b*tches" he said after the loss ) we might well see a MIA-NYK Eastern finals.
The Aviary, Violet Hour, and Barrelhouse Flat. I've heard the Whistler is good, too. Be prepared for a wait in the evenings, especially with the warm weather.
Good review, Jason.   I used to be against back darts on shirts as well. But I've learned from some of the tailors on SF that back darts are necessary to achieve the proper curve on a shirt, such that it fills in the small of your back. Even some bespoke shirtmakers use back darts by default.   I can't stand pockets on any shirts, so I've removed them with a seam ripper.
What I meant is that the label size 15 1/3 - 34 1/3 is actually about 15 5/6 - 34 5/6. They label it as 1/2in less to account for possible shrinkage. In my case, cold wash and hang-drying the shirt led to very little shrinkage, so the final measurement is around 15 3/4 - 34 3/4. 
True, but according to their fit guide, the listed sizes are 1/2in less than the true size, to account for possible shrinkage. I've found 15 1/3 - 34 1/3 is really around 15 3/4 - 34 3/4 after wash.
Has a black shell Greeley boot been done? That would be my ideal foul-weather city shoes, perhaps even better than EG Shannons.
Bogut had some really good offensive rebounds in the second half, Huge asset to their playoffs effort
Couple of close calls last night all went to Miami... especially the foul on Noah near the end of the 4th when he fought Bosh for a rebound. That possession could have tied the game and bring back the sliding offense for the Bulls.
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