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Was accosted by charity muggers today. I usually never stop for these things, but I did this morning for some reason. Big mistake. They're some monks who are supposedly fundraising to repair an old temple.   I took out a bit of cash to give them a few dollars but they kept asking for my $20 bills. When I said no they started shoving random trinkets & beads in my hands and waving the photo of their temple in my face 
Here's a good illustration of why they call it a "gunboat" :
Thanks for sharing! Those AF2 Mahogany shell wingtips...   
Looking at the MTO shirts -- no option to remove pleats in the back? 
+1 to CXL LWBs. See some of El Argentino's photos of them, they look superb.
I've had a similar experience with taps, they hurt my knees and threw off my gait.
No travel call on Lebron's clear 4-step 
Alden's notorious QC issues, for one.
Isn't there a steep fine for honking in Manhattan?
New Posts  All Forums: