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Interesting makeup, that tobacco chamois LWB. Enjoy!
Alcibiades, o/s
Looking forward to wearing my Cigar Indys once it gets a bit colder
^ agreed. The shade on the plaintoe boot is exceptional.
Very nice #4 captoe boots, Mr. Six! Beautiful shade.
Interesting, thanks mtc2000. Of course this glazing must be proprietary, but do you have any guesses as to the components?
AriGold, those are quite well cared-for, I'd hardly call them "beaters"
Beautiful Ravello SWBs, blue collar. Now I'm having second thoughts about parting with my pair...
Interesting photo of the worn-in LHSs. The color almost looks like Ilcea calfskin. It is odd that the moc stitchings appear so clean, could be a combination of the lighting & upping the contrast on the photo
Some very nice boots in the last few pages, well done gents.
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