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Good day for some Ravello... Alden x Leather Soul Ravello SWBs, Barrie last
Cain looking good today. Got a feeling Lincecum is going to suck again this season...
A few months ago I was at the post office in downtown Chicago and saw the workers "revolting" against the manager/supervisor on duty. There was a long line and nobody was being served at the counters. Meanwhile all the workers at the counters were busy folding flyers and stuffing them into envelopes, ignoring the customers in line. The supervisor stomped around yelling at them to stop.   Apparently, they were told to help send out some local govt flyers and didn't like...
Was accosted by charity muggers today. I usually never stop for these things, but I did this morning for some reason. Big mistake. They're some monks who are supposedly fundraising to repair an old temple.   I took out a bit of cash to give them a few dollars but they kept asking for my $20 bills. When I said no they started shoving random trinkets & beads in my hands and waving the photo of their temple in my face 
Here's a good illustration of why they call it a "gunboat" :
Thanks for sharing! Those AF2 Mahogany shell wingtips...   
Looking at the MTO shirts -- no option to remove pleats in the back? 
+1 to CXL LWBs. See some of El Argentino's photos of them, they look superb.
I've had a similar experience with taps, they hurt my knees and threw off my gait.
No travel call on Lebron's clear 4-step 
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