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Interesting photo of the worn-in LHSs. The color almost looks like Ilcea calfskin. It is odd that the moc stitchings appear so clean, could be a combination of the lighting & upping the contrast on the photo
Some very nice boots in the last few pages, well done gents.
Have a cobbler put in an extra pair of eyelets.
I've found that I get comments & inquiries about my cigar shells much more often than other shell colors.
Very autumnal & well put-together, sazon.
Leffot - Cigar Indys with commando soleAlden DC - Cigar Captoe Boots with commando sole
Excellent, reminds me of stevent's boot shell rainbow
For sale are a pair of Howard Yount garment dyed cotton pants in size 32, color olive green. These are from a previous season and sold out in this color (here is a link to similar pants in Tan) -- made in Italy, 100% cotton. They are lightly-worn and have been washed and hang-dried.  [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
For sale is a pair of APC Officer Chinos in size 32, color khaki/tan. Nice slim fit, just a little too short for me. In good condition. There's a bit of wear on the bottom fly button (see 2nd photo) but not very visible unless you look up close.  [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
For sale is a pair of Brooks Brothers "Milano" Advantage Chinos in Sz 33x32, Color Khaki. Used but in great condition. Excellent pair of chinos for business casual outfits.  [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
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