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Sazon, very nice montage. I need a pair of Alden suede chukkas in my wardrobe.
This is not directly related to Alden, but I thought fellow members may be interested in these USA-made Repair Kit chests from H Gerstner & Sons. Their "12 Repair Kit" happens to be the perfect size for storing shoe care supplies, and they're having a 107th Birthday Sale right now. I think it's a great way to support another USA manufacturer, as well as organize all your Alden shoe care supplies: [[SPOILER]]
Are $600 shell shoes ever a matter of need?
Looking for a ToJ 2011 Fishtail Parka in size M, preferably in Navy, Cracked Pepper, or Black, thanks!
Interesting makeup, that tobacco chamois LWB. Enjoy!
Alcibiades, o/s
Looking forward to wearing my Cigar Indys once it gets a bit colder
^ agreed. The shade on the plaintoe boot is exceptional.
Very nice #4 captoe boots, Mr. Six! Beautiful shade.
Interesting, thanks mtc2000. Of course this glazing must be proprietary, but do you have any guesses as to the components?
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