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Yes, I've noticed that recently too, it's intermittent. Chrome in OSX and in Windows 7.   Either it's no message, or a message that pops up with the wrong number of PMs (which IIRC is an old and separate bug).
You see Megan in the "On the next episode of Mad Men..." segment after the credits
They'll be coming out with some more university stripe OCBDs around mid-June.
The injuries have taken their toll on Wade this postseason 
I just received my MTO OCBD earlier this week too, it fits me perfectly. Suppose I'll have to make do with the default sizes for now 
Great! Looking forward to placing the order 
Yes. FYI it's called a basting thread 
No black shell Greeley? I thought there was a lot of interest in that make-up. Maybe the next round of MTOs?
I meant in the previous 3-4 seasons for Indiana, before this season & the injury.
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