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jah786 - brace yourself for death glares from his wife at every company holiday party henceforth!
For sale are some beautiful & heavy knits for the coming cold weather. These should be a good fit for size mediums, but see additional measurements below. Price includes shipping in the CONUS. Please PM with any questions, thanks for looking. 1) SNS Herning Stark cardigan - Black (Medium) - SOLD  [[SPOILER]]   2) SNS Herning Stark cardigan - Navy (Medium) - SOLD This cardigan was worn only a few times, it looks and feels almost brand new. Note also that this Stark appears...
Alden applies their own finishing to the cordovan leathers they use. It may be that they are very particular about the cordovan they are willing to work with, especially the lighter ones.
rydenfan -- that's the ideal casual look for the fall, very nice.
wow lagsun, those snuff suede LWBs are very nice. Love the tonal difference on the vamp
You'd need to walk perfectly symmetrically for the creasing to be very similar. Forget about it & enjoy your PTBs.
Sage advice. Thankfully my local cobbler knows not to touch the uppers. Edge dressing, however, should be encouraged
Nice punch cap boots, sazon
Very good combo MrDV
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