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For sale are a pair of Howard Yount garment dyed cotton pants in size 32, color olive green. These are from a previous season and sold out in this color (here is a link to similar pants in Tan) -- made in Italy, 100% cotton. They are lightly-worn and have been washed and hang-dried.  [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
For sale is a pair of APC Officer Chinos in size 32, color khaki/tan. Nice slim fit, just a little too short for me. In good condition. There's a bit of wear on the bottom fly button (see 2nd photo) but not very visible unless you look up close.  [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
For sale is a pair of Brooks Brothers "Milano" Advantage Chinos in Sz 33x32, Color Khaki. Used but in great condition. Excellent pair of chinos for business casual outfits.  [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
For sale are a pair of BNWT Wings + Horns Westpoint Chinos in Sz 34 Tan. One of the best slim fit chino cuts out there. Retails for $195.  [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
I think it's been verified that Alden shoe trees are just rebranded Woodlores.
Rishi K, excellent gunboats & great combo.
Black shell just looks plasticky. I've seen some exceptions (e.g. Leffot naval boots) but they tend not to convey that depth that the various shades of brown shells can display.
Brown/black Swims overshoes are the way to go -- keep a pair at the office & a pair at home, your shells will thank you for that.
FENWAY, those LHSs are excellent.
For sale is a Barba Napoli white spread-collar shirt, size 15/38. Worn a few times, and in great condition. Slim fit Thick MOP buttons Hidden placket Mitered cuffs   SOLD
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