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For sale/trade is a BNWT Inis Meain brown birdseye crewneck sweater with grey linen stitch, size S. This sweater has a beautiful & unique texture is one of the best offerings from Inis Meain in my opinion. I purchased this a while ago from No Man Walks Alone, tried it on once but did not size it correctly. If someone has a size M and would like to trade, let me know.  [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
Price drop to 650
For sale are 2 pairs of Howard Yount trousers. Both are in great condition and dry-cleaned. Note that the two trousers have slightly different measurements because of their respective cuts.  Howard Yount Navy VBC Super 100s Flannel (Sz 32) -- SOLD This is in the "old" Italian cut from HY (different from "new" Italian cut), so I will provide the measurements: Waist: 16.75" Rise: 10.25" Thigh: 12" Inseam: 32" Cuff: 1.75"   Howard Yount Green Moon Donegal Tweed (Sz 32)...
For sale is a pair of Carmina captoe oxfords in brown suede, size UK8 in the Simpson last. I've found the Simpson last does not work well for me. These oxfords also have Vibram Topys applied to the soles. Lightly-worn and in excellent condition. Comes with shoe trees, shoe bag, and the shoe box. Price includes shipping in the CONUS. PayPal only and no returns. Please feel free in get in touch if you have any questions. SOLD
For sale is a pair of Vass Budapest in Brown Shell Cordovan, size 42 in the 3636 last. I've worn them only 2-3 times as you can see from the condition of the soles. The brown shell has a stunning depth to it, and the craftsmanship is exceptional -- as good as EG cordovan, perhaps even better. If I had sized these correctly, I would have kept them for sure. Comes with lasted shoe trees, shoe bags, and the shoe box (the shoe box got a bit roughed up in transit). Price...
The forecast in Atlanta was for a light dusting, like .5 - 1", so the gov't wasn't preparing for substantial snowfall & it probably hit them too quickly for them to react in time.
Very sad that I parted with my cigar shell captoe boots, but I hope they are with a happy owner now! If only Alden made balmoral boots... Anyone interested in a pair of Ravello shell shortwings?
Nice patina on those PTBs.
It's from particle deposits after the water evaporated... just brush vigorously.
For sale is a pair of Epaulet "Walt" trousers in Grape Flannel, Size 33. Lush medium-weight Italian flannel with a beautiful lavender/grey tone, ideal for the fall/winter. These were worn only twice (briefly) indoors and are in perfect condition. They have been hemmed to 32.5" inseam and 1.5" cuffs. I unpacked my winter storage and found too many pairs of trousers, so I am parting with some of them.  [[SPOILER]]   
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