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I've the Belgian and it's perfectly fine as a white linen PS.
Perhaps the previous owner put the wrong kind of wax/cream on the shell. I've never seen an example of it coming out of creases to this degree.
For sale is a Waterfield Designs "Cargo" Messenger Bag. Size Medium "Lead Iridium" front flap Paragliding buckle   This is a fantastic messenger bag for everyday use, looks great and well-constructed. I've had it for about 3 years and the only signs of wear are on the front buckle.
Patina Sunday -- after plenty of mac method last night and this morning:   Top: #8 LHS; Cigar Captoe Boots (Alden DC); Cigar Indy (Leffot) Bottom: #8 LWB; Ravello LWB (Alden DC); Ravello SWB (Leathersoul); AF21 Whiskey LWB (AoC)   Of interest is the difference between the two pairs of Ravello shell. The LWB is newer and has a more ruby hue than the SWB.
I was just applying some Venetian on my cordovan shoes tonight -- a task long overdue, seeing as the shell absorbed the cream so quickly. Some dye does come off on the cloth when I apply Venetian, sure, but the same happens when I buff (a la mac method) the shoes anyway. If you're concerned about the dye you can supplement occasionally with paste wax.
Navy Print Tie E.G. Cappelli 60 x 3.5   Worn a few times, looks like new.   SOLD
Double-soled shell LWBs are too heavy for summer wear, but e.g. unlined shell loafers are fine.
I would like a second opinion here -- got a daytime wedding to attend this summer. The groom requested charcoal/dark grey suits and purple/violet ties for the groomsmen. I am thinking a grenadine would do nicely.   I am looking to choose from these 3, but am also open to other suggestions. At the moment, the dark purple/black grenadine fina appeals the most to...
1.75in here as well. You really need cuffs on lighter weight cloths to get a decent drape.
Good day for some Ravello... Alden x Leather Soul Ravello SWBs, Barrie last
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