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wow, congrats on the 6-yr EP anniversary
great look on that Doyle jacket, how's the sizing?
Time to go, Mark Jackson.
The MTO shirts program made a comeback?
Yeah the game was lackluster. Doc Rivers got a technical in the 1st quarter for something, no doubt he was pissed at his team. Nice to see Baron Davis in the stands.
I got tickets to the Warriors/Clips game tomorrow, but there are rumors Clippers players are boycotting the game in protest of Sterling
You might want to check your local drycleaners, they can often do a decent job on small alterations.
Great look, Don.
Like the texture on the Ring-Ring, mothball.
For RTW I believe Carmina does not do lasted shoe trees -- these are generic ones that fit most of their lasts. FWIW these fit my Rain, Forest, & Simpson last 8UK shoes.
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