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better yet, give MIA some injuries
I've removed parts I don't like from clothes (e.g. chest pockets on OCBDs). If it'll nag you in the back of your mind to have the patch there, just remove it.
natural kaihara would be amazing
Looks great unbuttoned, and the sleeve length is just right.
camo ripstop rivets look great
I had to glue my CXL belt together too, after it started splitting. Got frustrated with it and tossed it out. Really a shame because I liked the feel and color of the CXL a lot.
denim kaihara looks great
I tried to watch the Wizards/Pacers game on the plane yesterday. Both teams were missing so many long jumpers in the 1st quarter that I just tuned out & fell asleep. Least exciting semi's matchup by far.
The W&S fabrics are excellent. Great hue of rust & petrol
That walnut color is great. Reminds me of the dark tan twill from Khaki's of Carmel.
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