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Surprised the Vass boot ended up on sale, it's a great makeup.
Any recs for a robust khaki MTO fabric that fades well with use? Thinking of the RRL selvedge chino fabric.
Cargos look great. Very tempted.
USPS has gotten a whole lot better in recent years. I've been surprised by deliveries even over holiday weekends.
Agreed. The color (on my screen) looks like a great faded Nantucket red.
@FC: White Wilshires look quite good. Always liked the "headless steezman" photos, but you should consider venturing into more close ups of the fabrics.
very well put-together, MGD
I have gotten some questions about the actual color of the bone suede. I have put up a photo comparing the bone suede to the color on a pair of grey suede achilles lows.
For sale is a pair of Momotaro x Japan Blue JB0101, size 34. 14.8oz raw selvedge denim in a skinny-straight cut, with a blue inseam thread. These are from a limited-run of "vintage series denim" from JB's debut offering outside of Japan. I've had these for about a year and only wore them a dozen times or so because I had I sized them incorrectly. Great denim with minimal fading as the photos can show. See here for a description from Blue Owl Workshop.   [[SPOILER]]  SOLD
The overdye SC looks great. Very unique
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