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You'd need to walk perfectly symmetrically for the creasing to be very similar. Forget about it & enjoy your PTBs.
Sage advice. Thankfully my local cobbler knows not to touch the uppers. Edge dressing, however, should be encouraged
Nice punch cap boots, sazon
Very good combo MrDV
Looking great mediahound! I got mine in American Cherry and love it. I suspect we may have contributed to their Repair Kit being out-of-stock already. I'm glad my PSA was helpful to fellow members.
Very nice blue suede wingtips, kwhitelaw
Very nice #8 chukkas, patrick_b
Very nice whiskey LHSs. The vamp on LHSs showcases the color particularly well.
The Norweger looks quite good in the scotch grain, better than the shell above in my opinion. Although the best pair of Norwegers I've seen are the whiskey shell ones
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