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That brown Fair Isle blazer is fantastic. Anyone had a chance to handle it in person?
For sale is a pair of Engineered Garments Truman Pants in Brown Homespun, size 32. Brand new with tags, fresh from this season. They are these exact same ones from Gentry NYC. I bought them a while ago and changed my mind too late. Offering them here at a discount to retail. Price includes shipping in CONUS.   I may be interested in a partial trade for the EG brown bird print shirt from this season, just throwing the offer out there.
?? FYI, the sale price was never in the body text of the listing itself, it's in the text box for the price, in fact it is still there if I re-open the listing...
The floating taco on the que pass mobile site made browsing it on my phone a nightmare.
Just got my natural Chromexcel belt in. Hopefully they won't fall apart like the ones from the last batch.
Now on eBay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/111493797737
^ but then they'd have to deal with ex/im taxes, etc.
For sale are two BNWT shirts from Kamakura Shirts, both in Tokyo Slim Fit size 15 1/3 - 34 1/3. The white one is a dobby, and the the blue check one is a seersucker. $60 for each shirt, with a discount for both. Blue check seersucker sold. Price includes shipping in the CONUS. Thanks for looking!
For sale are a brand new in-box pair of Viberg Olive Guidi Calf Service Boots, in 2030 last size 7. Just received them recently from Brooklyn Clothing Co. Fantastic color on the olive Guidi calf, unfortunately the size doesn't work out for me. [[SPOILER]]   Price includes shipping in the CONUS. Thanks for looking!
For sale are a pair of Viberg Service Boots in Brown Snuff Suede Reverse Kudu, 2030 last size 8. Same as these ones from Brooklyn Clothing Co. The reverse kudu suede is very soft and especially comfortable, makes for a great pair of winter boots. These have been lightly worn only a few times and are in excellent condition. Comes with Viberg shoebox, shoe dust bags, and alternate laces.  [[SPOILER]]   Includes shipping in the CONUS. Thanks for looking!
New Posts  All Forums: