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+50 = 62,732
+50 = 62,550
60,903 + 150 = 61,053
59,763 + 150 = 59,913.
+150 = 59,423
"A Few of My Favorite (Slept-on) Things" Happy to cut the tape here. In no particular order, my selections are: #1. #2. #3. #4. #5. Thanks for the initiative, Greg!
The newly added Drake's F/W pocket squares are just simply gorgeous!  I recommend you take a look if you haven't yet.    
If those are your two options, without hesitation, my choice would be Philip II.   However, between those two, City II it is, Monsieur.  
Mariano Rubinacci Blue Sfoderato Tie Sold.
Thank you for taking the initiative.   Couple of questions: #1. Does the above stated price include worldwide shipping or is it simply for the product alone? If not, what would be the anticipated shipping fee? #2. Would the tie come with a E.G. Cappelli label on the back, like all of his ties?   Thank you in advance. 
New Posts  All Forums: