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Price drop to $149/ea.
No navy available for the Pre-order? 
 Thanks! A lucky man I was, indeed!  It's actually quite difficult to narrow them down as they are all poetic and unique in their own way - however, if I were forced to choose one, I would go with "It".   Apologies @gerbilunit - I was just lucky to have read the post a tad earlier than you.  
Survivor Type? 
^ Is that a nove pieghe tie I see there?   First time I encounter the brand tag - nevertheless, the fabric looks astonishing!
 Thank you for your interest. The shirts are tagged as XXL but they certainly run much slimmer compared to the otherwise standard size. I would assess their fit in the vicinity of 17.5/44 or XL.  Hope this was helpful.
Price drop to $199/ea.
 Since it's not on the auction, I reckon so?Did you have an eye on it?
^ Looking forward to the lot!
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