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 I believe you can only apply a code per order.
JL Ashley Black UK9
 Greetings. Based on my experience: (a) yes, VAT deduction is automatically reflected per your shopping cart for international customers; (b) no, international express postage for an umbrella is GBP 55; and (c) yes, naturally. Hope this helps.
Hello gents.   I am currently in search of a pair or two of Loro Piana Summer Walk suede loafers in size 41 regardless of color. As the suede is delicate, I would prefer the condition to be almost new.    If you are interested in letting go, please do not hesitate to PM me.   Thank you and best regards, Agnelli413 
I fully second this. Greg was prompt and efficient in resolving the issue - could not have asked for more. Thanks again for the excellent service.
Shaya, will the Sozzi navy wool and/or cotton socks be restocked? Or possibly new colors?   Cheers.
 Sounds about right to me. 
JL Riviera - Aubergine           Definitely worth the $ - one of my Top 3 loafers! The aubergine is ... pure class ...
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