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It is my size, however, something tells me that my next two paychecks could be more wisely invested.  I am assuming the asking price is $8,400, no? 
Interesting thread, and some valid points within its many pages.  Personally, I tend to dress toward the Trad side of business and formal dress, and I do not own a black suit.  I also work as an attorney but in West Michigan (read, not exactly the hotbed of fashion).  Now, I do occasionally see an attorney wearing some black JAB, ill-fitting, three button suit, but they usually are also wearing some tone-on-tone, red, Van Heusen boxed gift set shirt and tie combo that...
Hello gentlemen. I'm 33 and am also an Ask Andy forum member. I am mostly interested in classic dress attire. In fact, one of the reasons I joined is because you guys seem to post much more frequent and appealing items for sale in the way of suits. I'm also engaged to be married this October. I'm always looking for 41s-42s RLPL, Oxxford, and other fine suits, especially 3 piece suits. Looking forward to meeting you all.
New Posts  All Forums: