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Well, no, I thought there was a difference.  Let me better explain.  The Type A is the Radcliff model, and the 1220, just says that, 1220.  The 1220 has the red Oxxford interior chest label.  I do believe they are two completely different lines.  I am a 42 short, but I saw a Type A Radcliff 44 S and a 1220 44 short, the latter with measurements pretty much exactly the same as a Joseph Abboud 42 short suit that I have, other than being about .75 inches larger in chest.  I...
Well, I'm still shopping for a quality suit for my wedding. I've been checking out a lot of MTM options as well as the BB Select program (not MTM) and some ebay options from the likes of topshelfapparel.   BB select was very reasonable, but not sure on quality.  I could probably do a 3 piece 120s for around $1,100 (10% off promotion, plus 15% if open a BB card).   I tried on a PRL (Blue Label) suit in store the other day.  I believe it may have been a Polo III.  It...
Never mind, I forgot to click the link.  My bad. 
does the Oxxford have working button cuffs, or not?
My submission:    
Leaning now more towards HSM MTM, after consulting with a couple members on quality control with EA and H. Freeman. Opinions on HSM MTM program, especially at a promotional 30% off, I believe, trunk show coming up in April?   In other events I stopped into the Claymore Shop in Southfield, MI and met a nice chap who showed me the quality behind the prestige of Oxxford Clothes.  Wish I could splurge about 5K on a suit.  Someday.  
thank you.
Thank you. I think the slight tightness of my fwd pleat RLBL suit pants may have to do with the pumpkin effect. I am going to try on some looser ones to get a better idea. I gained a lot of weight in the last year. Iam working out to drop the weight for the big day. Luckily, my tailor is allowing me to pay half down to lock in the price discount and then he will take final measurements a few months before the wedding at which time I will pay the balance.
I have. The 120s feels of slightly marginally greater softness.  The thickness and heaviness of the fabrics felt the same. Mind you, I was just comparing swatches.  I was a little concerned about the above experience because I have heard great things about H. Freeman, as offering a great MTM program at its price point. Total cost of the above specified 3 piece with all options is right at one grand, using the spring promotion my tailor is offering.
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